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  1. Why do you want a Maverick?

    Kind of thought, separate from features and options, why folks were interested in this particular vehicle.
  2. AWD Nice but Not Necessary in Winter

    The bed structure on the Maverick probably weighs more than your trunk. I live in Minnesota and was considering FWD with snow tires for winter. I'm retired so if the weather is bad I stay home. My son pointed out that in this part of the country a truck without AWD or 4WD has terrible resale value.
  3. Why do you want a Maverick?

    From forum posts I see some folks just want an inexpensive pickup, but what other motivators are there? I'm probably not the target market, but here are my reasons: Retired and really don't need two vehicles any longer. Our 2000 Subaru Legacy wagon still runs good after 263k miles but the wife...
  4. Who started this Maverick forum and who's watching?

    Did an enthusiast start this forum, or did Ford marketing, or a market research firm retained by Ford? I like to think everyone's comments are being observed and considered by someone connected with Ford.
  5. 2022 Ford Maverick Truck INFO Thread

    Would like to suggest an edit under engine: -2.0 normally aspirated Duratec 20, possible base model engine (162 hp) -1.5 Ecoboost, possible base engine or standard in up level trim (181 hp) -2.0 Ecoboost, possible optional engine in upper level trim (250 hp)
  6. Consensus On Maverick Bed Dimensions / Length?

    Like your “flip phone “ tailgate idea! I do think we’re still going to see Maverick on the tailgate, it’s just camouflaged in all the photo shots except for the one that was taken during a commercial shoot, and that one is blurry enough not to see details. I can’t imagine a Ford truck without...
  7. Features : Need/Want/Don't

    That’s right. Let’s not all forget that the question is about individual needs, nobody’s is the same. Ford is not going to load the base model up... great for those who want that. Ford will also offer lots of packages and options for those that want them. We get nowhere on the forum by...
  8. Consensus On Maverick Bed Dimensions / Length?

    I’m putting my guess at 54”
  9. Features : Need/Want/Don't

    You obviously don’t live where it gets REALLY cold in the winter!
  10. First out of the chute...

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The Santa Cruz will always be identified by this era of swoopy multi edge styling. I prefer the subtle more tailored look of the Maverick. Its styling is like pickups have looked for 50 years. I want my truck to look like a truck.
  11. Guess the Reveal Date

    I think it was on this forum that I read that the original Maverick was announced on April 17, the same date that the original Mustang was introduced... I’ll go with history and pick that. (Wouldn’t it be nice to know that soon!?)
  12. What color is your Maverick?

    Whoops, don’t know how I ended up with two sets!
  13. What color is your Maverick?

    How about some old school two tones using white as a base? Wrap comes 12” and 24” wide. These are based on those two sizes plus some 1” or 2” pin striping tape.
  14. Cyber Orange Maverick prototype spotted

    The orange one does look lower. My guess is that it is an upper trim level with FWD and that’s why it’s lower.
  15. Ford Maverick Full Uncovered Look @ Side & Rear 3/4 in Area 51 color!

    That is a very old rendering, done before there was any concrete information on the Maverick. The speculation about what Ford was going to do has been all over the place including Escape with its top hacked off.
  16. What color is your Maverick?

    Studying Ford’s website I see that on an Escape all standard and optional colors are available on a base S model. Conversely, on a Base model Bronco Sport the only colors available are black, white, grey and silver. It seems a shame that someone interested in a base model has such limited...
  17. Ford Maverick Full Uncovered Look @ Side & Rear 3/4 in Area 51 color!

    Jumping in on the Maverick vs Santa Cruz styling. Every era has styling that dates a vehicle, 50s fins, 80s jellybean, etc. The current era is one of swoopy character lines that run in all different directions. That’s what I love about the Maverick, it has the classic pickup looks that go all...
  18. Spotted: Maverick vs Ranger size comparison

    Whoops! Forgot to mention that the tailgate was on station wagons.
  19. Spotted: Maverick vs Ranger size comparison

    Ford had a tailgate that worked just like that in the 70s. It worked very well. All they gotta do is dust off some old blueprints!
  20. Normally aspirated Duaratec 20?

    True, the Escape and Bronco Sport have the two Ecoboost engines, but they are also at a higher price point than the anticipated $20k Maverick base price. I'm only guessing here but I'll bet the Duratec is cheaper to manufacture because it's simpler; and the tooling is long paid for. The Duratec...