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  1. Features : Need/Want/Don't

    I wouldn't say internal combustion engines are going to completely disappear. But many of the examples you gave will indeed transition to battery power in the next generation. Like tractors--there's a lot of development right now to make that happen, including at big implement companies like...
  2. Features : Need/Want/Don't

    Totally true. I wouldn't for a moment consider something like the Rivian based on price alone. That being said, I do think in a few years it won't make sense to buy an ICE vehicle as battery technology advances, the charging network matures, and vehicles with good ranges become far cheaper.
  3. First out of the chute...

    With all the press I'm seeing about the Santa Cruz lately, it does have me considering it. I'm starting to like the aesthetic, and it looks like the cab portion might be smaller than the huge crew cab on the Maverick. (The huge crew cab is the Maverick's weakest feature for me--I don't need all...
  4. Features : Need/Want/Don't

    None of my vehicles have built-in bluetooth, but they're all equipped with bluetooth. You can get very inexpensive gadgets that plug into your cigarette lighter that connect to your phone and transmit the signal to your FM radio. When I start my truck, it automatically syncs with my phone. I'm...
  5. What goes around comes around?

    I totally agree about them dropping cars. I'm sure the Ford execs have run all the numbers, and financially it makes sense to stop selling cars--right now. But from my own life experience, brand loyalty is largely created when young people buy their first and second vehicles. And without...
  6. Features : Need/Want/Don't

    Your price tolerance is much richer than mine. If it even approaches $33K for a package that meets my wants/needs, I'll erase the Maverick from my memory and start looking at other options.
  7. Maverick production to start in July 2021, suppliers told

    Totally agree about the light duty thing. We can't clamor for a small truck and also demand it be a mid-sized truck. As for the Focus, it's got a non-boosted 2.0 liter engine. It's not an ST, it's an SE. I always joke that I got it with the inconvenience package, because it's as bare-bones as I...
  8. Current Daily Driver?

    I must say, I really like the Crosstrek. When it was available in a burnt orange color, I came pretty close to getting one. One of the few vehicles available with AWD and a manual shifter. And it's priced reasonably. That car's a winner. I also test drove a BRZ when they first came out. Nice...
  9. Maverick production to start in July 2021, suppliers told

    My 2012 Focus is a stick too, which always surprises people. I suppose that makes it a rare bird in the US at this point, and I wonder if it'll demand more on the used market with the manual.
  10. Maverick production to start in July 2021, suppliers told

    Would the manual be offered with AWD, or would it just be the 2WD? If it's with the AWD, I'm sold. I will buy the truck.
  11. Current Daily Driver?

    I've thought about getting a Transit Connect, but the lack of AWD has stopped it from being a serious contender. Other than that, it's hard to beat the all-around utility.
  12. Maverick competitors: What will you be cross-shopping?

    I like it because it doesn't have a crew cab, LOL. Finally a small truck!
  13. Maverick competitors: What will you be cross-shopping?

    Alpha, an EV startup, just announced that they're building a truly small pickup called the Alpha Wolf. It reminds me of an old Toyota SR5, and frankly it looks so damn good that I'll probably have to wait for more details on the Wolf before I'd pull the trigger on a Maverick. Obviously a full...
  14. Current Daily Driver?

    I'm looking for something that will let me consolidate two vehicles into single vehicle. I mostly use my Ford Focus for my long commute, and I mostly use my Nissan Frontier for beekeeping and for the 4WD in the winter. So I'm hoping the Maverick can deliver fuel mileage similar to my Focus, and...
  15. Maverick Hybrid Confirmed

    I'm not sure how tax credits work for hybrids, but according to, the 2020 Ford Escape Plug-in Hybrid qualified for a $6,834 tax credit. If the Maverick uses a similar powertrain, I'm assuming the credit would be similar. (If knows what it's talking about, and if those federal...
  16. Full Production Beginning in July?

    Interesting...what's the website(s) this info can be found?
  17. Ford Maverick (Rivian)???

    Oh man, if they made an EV version of the Maverick with 250+ miles of range per charge, that would be a hands-down front-runner for me. Even if it came in at a $30K price point, you're still looking at low $20Ks with the tax incentives.
  18. New Maverick Render, Happy Friday!

    My dream truck is a 1970-ish F-100 with three-on-the-tree. By the late '60s, the F-100s were getting pretty boxy. Just a preference I guess, but that's when they start looking good to me. My grandpa drove a 1948 Ford truck until the day he died. It's one of the first vehicles I ever drove. Now...
  19. Ford Maverick Pricing Will Start Under $20,000 MSRP

    Yeah, the industry as a whole is disingenuous for making the destination fees an add-on--it's not just Ford. Imagine if we went to Target and they charged an additional destination fee for every product during checkout. It wouldn't be tolerated. Somehow car companies/dealerships get away with it.
  20. New Maverick Render, Happy Friday!

    For those of us of a certain age, that boxy front end is what a truck is supposed to look like. I wouldn't entertain a truck with a Focus-like front, but that's just me. I'm guessing it has something to do with our formidable years, but a 1980 Ford F-150 looks like a truck, compared to a 2000...