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  1. Spotted: Maverick vs Ranger size comparison

    I'm glad you find these things useful and maybe i would too if I had one. However I've never found myself wishing i had one. Really deep beds is a deal breaker. When i walk by trucks I often guess if I could reach into the bed and many times I dont think it would be comfortable. These are...
  2. Spotted: Maverick vs Ranger size comparison

    I’m guessing that ridgeline has a bigger backseat than the frontier? I wasn’t impressed with the fold up rear seats in the frontier. I removed one of my jump seats and built a platform for my dog and tools underneath. Would consider the same for the maverick. Or just use the dog hammock...
  3. Spotted: Maverick vs Ranger size comparison

    Hurray for lower beds. Looking at modern truck heights and the depth of beds hurts my back. Please no fancy swinging tailgate. Certainly not mad at the license plate just seemed curious. Perhaps giving the design it’s the best place for it. Only recently have I considered a new truck...
  4. Spotted: Maverick vs Ranger size comparison

    In the series of pics from early March there’s a good shot of the bumper without a license plate and you can see what appear to be two upper screws on the right side. Also what looks like two small squares that are further spaced. I think the tailgate is the same that was leaked long ago and...
  5. Spotted: Maverick vs Ranger size comparison

    Indeed. However I still turn around and look at my beat up 99 ranger when I park somewhere. I love my Smokey the bear plates. :)
  6. Spotted: Maverick vs Ranger size comparison

    I think someone mentioned it before but I didn’t really notice till these pics. The offset license plate bothers me. Not a deal breaker, just odd
  7. Ford Maverick Full Uncovered Look @ Side & Rear 3/4 in Area 51 color!

    Thats a good looking modern truck. I really hope that the camera set up means there will be an official announcement soon. I test drove a couple frontiers over the weekend and i almost convinced myself to spend 30k. the midnight editions are sweet!
  8. Ford Maverick New Grille and Wheels Option Caught Testing in Public

    every new pic gets me more excited. Can’t wait for this to be official. Still cautious bout the bed size but it looks sufficient. I haven’t seen any fog lights. Could that be the space next to the tow hooks?
  9. Current Daily Driver?

    i'm on my 2nd 99 ranger and the transmission is struggling. Only vehicles i've ever owned and for me the perfect size. I do lots of home projects and work in property maintenance. My lady has a 2011 highlander that serves its purpose
  10. 2022 Ford Maverick Pickup Caught Nearly Fully Revealed! 📸

    this has me oh so curious. That’s the absolute shortest bed I could live with. If there’s a good bed extender I could be buying
  11. What will be the make or break specs for you on the Maverick?

    ok so looking back at some other threads here the bed size really has me concerned. If there is one thing that truly is the make or break spec for me would be a bed less than 5ft in length and overall 4ft wide. I just feel like anything smaller would fill up to easy. Be it tools and lumber...
  12. What will be the make or break specs for you on the Maverick?

    ok so I think I misunderstood. Someone earlier mentioned a 40” wide bed and I thought they meant the overall internal width of the bed not the distance between wheel wells. I’ve only had older rangers and my current stepside is frustrating
  13. What will be the make or break specs for you on the Maverick?

    Do y’all really believe it will only have a 40” wide bed? I need to be able to easily throw some plywood and Sheetrock in the bed. just want some basic off road capabilities. I’m finally able to afford a payment so it’s this or a ‘19 frontier. just make a basic truck that isn’t trying to be...