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  1. Manual Transmission

    Only in the SR trim as a base model with 159hp 4 cylinder. No thanks.
  2. Manual Transmission

    As someone that has owned over 20 cars with a manual transmission, and someone who LOVES manual transmissions, I have accepted the truth that the manual is dead. Right now the only choice for a truck with a manual is the Jeep Gladiator...but then you're stuck driving a Jeep Gladiator.
  3. Frontier Style Roof Rails

    We have seen photo of the high trim Mavericks, and none have included a roof rail. There is that black strip that runs along the inside edge of the doors on the roof from the windshield to the rear window. That might be there for an optional roof rail system. I don't know what other purpose it...
  4. Cyber Orange Maverick prototype spotted

    I think what your are struggling with Clyde, is that the Maverick will look like a traditional truck, whereas Hyundai is taking a riskier approach with the Santa Cruz. History shows that non-traditional trucks usually fail in the market...but I applaud Hyundai for taking the risk. I looks like...
  5. Cyber Orange Maverick prototype spotted

    It may be the angle, but that vehicle looks lower to the ground and it looks like steal wheels. I think it may be a lower trim.
  6. Bad News ?

    The article is dated July 28, 2020. We've seen the the article is incorrect.
  7. Features : Need/Want/Don't

    Crank windows...smh. The last new car I had with crankers was my '86 CRXsi (and every car before that). There's nothing better on a perfect day then hitting all four down buttons simultaneously and letting the world in. Or at the end of the drive being able to raise them all. Who wants to walk...
  8. Common problems - Are you concerned?

    Because turbos are also good at instant heat. Under towing loads turbos work harder to generate necessary power, which in turn generates additional heat. That heat generated during a long duration can damage the head gasket, cause premature wear to bearings and eats fuel like no V8 can.
  9. Spotted: Maverick vs Ranger size comparison

    I don't think that the Ridgeline and the Maverick will be cross shopped vehicles. First off, the Ridgeline is a high feature luxury mid-sized truck, whereas the Maverick is a low-cost (base trim) to "well appointed" (high-trim) compact truck. Secondly, the $10,000 to $15,000 price difference...
  10. Features : Need/Want/Don't

    I just went out and took a critical measurement that represents a "must have" for me. I have both dirt bikes and street (sport) bikes that will be transported in my next truck. I require around 74 inches of available space from the front of the truck bed to the end of the tailgate (front tire...
  11. Spotted: Maverick vs Ranger size comparison

    MY Sierra had the same 60/40 fold-up rear seat. It is very convenient and would be a welcome feature in the Maverick.
  12. Spotted: Maverick vs Ranger size comparison

    It's hard to tell due to the camo, but the actual license plate holder might be part of the tail gate, with the light coming from the protrusion that seems to be mid-gate. There is definitely something there. Clearly, the right of center placement is not the spot, the plate isn't even sitting...
  13. Spotted: Maverick vs Ranger size comparison

    Judging by the doors, the cabins seems to be of the same size. They are very similar in width. The Ranger is an FX4 model so it is lifted a bit. It all seems as expected.
  14. Ford Maverick Full Uncovered Look @ Side & Rear 3/4 in Area 51 color!

    It could be lighting or the white balance. More likely it’s not A51. We are calling it that because TFLTruck called it that.
  15. Base Maverick XL Pickup Spied with Steelies, FWD, Unique Grille! + First Ever Maverick Video

    The way Ford is working engine upgrades with other C2 platforms, if you want the bigger engine, you have to buy a highline trim package. No other way to do it. A base model is just that.
  16. Dealers begin pre-selling the unannounced Maverick

    I believe that the entire C2 platform is SYNC-3...for now.
  17. Test Drove a Bronco Sport Today

    I don't dare test drive a Bronco Sport....I might buy one. I agree, if you want to know if the Maverick is the right truck for you, go drive a Bronco Sport.
  18. Speculation on Size

    Last night I decided to watch some reviews of the Bronco Sport to see what people thought/think of it. Afer all, it is a platform mate to the Maverick and from what I have seen, the Maverick is more like the Bronco Sport than it is like the Escape. During one of the reviews the reviewer noted...
  19. What type of aftermarket goodies are you hoping for?

    I agree with the tent. I have a tent for a 6.5' bed. That, with an air mattress, and I will never sleep on the ground again.