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  1. Ok, who installed Weize H5 in their Hybrid? we need details!

    Who installed the Weize H5 in their hybrid? The reviews section has a photo that sure looks like a Maverick Hybrid. Does the plastic panels all fit back on? How's it working?
  2. Simple Tonneau Drain Tube Modification

    Not linking how most of the Tonneau covers with drain tubs simply bend the tubing, which may kink, resulting in water leaking into the bed, I went to Lowes and bought some Pex-A Expansion Elbows, and the drains look so much better, and no longer hang down in the way of loading/unloading items...
  3. Truck2Go Retracting Cover?

    Anybody on here have the Truck2Go retracting Tonneau cover? - Similar to the ReTrax Pro, under their own name, and nicely priced. Only caveat appears to be you cannot use the factory rail system (the adjustable bed side rails), and must remove them due to the way they utilize additional...