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  1. Forscan - Programming to allow key to be locked in truck

    It may be because yours has the add-on keypad and so the truck responds differently to that than the hardwired version. @Glen Baker LLC has a 2023 when it was still factory equipment.
  2. USB port set up in upper sunglass holder??

    A buck converter wouldn't really care what the voltage is as long as its greater than its target. Although the backlight circuit is sensitive to load at certain dimness settings and may shut off with extra devices tapped into it.
  3. Tuwa Pro / Elevate TS rails / Pro X15 bed rack setup

    Looks like that's the Mid Height (12.5") while they also offer a 17-20".
  4. Replacement battery to solve deep sleep problem?

    I got the Weize H5 which does require removing the battery locating tabs to fit and is a bit more work to install (taking out the plastic surround). No issues, although then the OEM only really consistently hit deep sleep for me in the fall/winter.
  5. Thinking ahead -- Are the batteries in the hybrid consumer replaceable?

    What year Fusion? Because the 1st gens infamously have a software battery life timer that'll restrict usage as it ages even if the battery is perfectly fine.
  6. Does BCM Recall Also Fix Turn Signal Outage Detection Recall?

    Yes. Both just update the firmware to the latest version available.
  7. Lasfit Switchback Front Turn Bulbs

    You didn't mention that you had the rear Lasfit bulbs as well. The older Lasfits when installed on a truck with the updated BCM outage detection per recent recalls will fast flash the instrument cluster indicator (hyperflash) as if a bulb is out. Lasfit was replacing them with the newer T3...
  8. Lasfit Switchback Front Turn Bulbs

    That was for the rear taillight brake/turn signal bulbs.
  9. Hybrid Recalls - Should I Proceed?

    Actually what happens is the BCM detects what it thinks is an overcurrent and disables the taillights on that side. There are no fuses; the BCM acts as overcurrent protection.
  10. Powertrain Malfunction/ Reduced Power

    You mentioned being aware of the recall coming mid-May. Did you get yours reprogrammed under that campaign or not?
  11. Forscan: free or not

    Trial licenses aren't able to do firmware updates, IIRC. Edit: That is to say Trial license on Windows, versus paid on Windows. Missed the original discussion was on iOS app version.
  12. Battery maintainer: under the seat grounding

    Follow the ground cable. It mounts to the floorpan right near the base of the battery and the battery vent grommet.
  13. Lug torque specs - Aftermarket wheels and lugs

    9/16" bolt (14mm), so a step larger than most light vehicles that are only utilizing 1/2"/M12.
  14. Adding Co-pilot 360 after the fact?

    Swapping the whole mirror assembly wouldn't be necessary. Just change the mirror glass and add the wiring. But regardless it's still a good chunk of change for the two radar transmitter/receivers, mirror glass, and wiring connectors. Ironically probably more expensive than adding ACC.
  15. Lug torque specs - Aftermarket wheels and lugs

    "Feels" probably wouldn't get very far as engineering qualification.
  16. Just found a hidden cubby :D

    Not in the US anyways; the global production model has a single cab option. An extended cab is supposed to be coming for the US, though.
  17. 10 mile drop in MPG since purchase

    A bigger battery isn't a free lunch. That power is still coming from the engine running at some point.
  18. Answered: Question about co-pilot 360

    Point being was one could order a '22MY Lariat w/ CoPilot 360 but it wouldn't have had ACC; that wasn't the package it was a part of. CP360 was identical in contents across all trims (aside from the Hybrid full-size spare inclusion). So that truck you picture has ACC because it's a Lariat...
  19. High Beam Wiring Driving Lights

    The BCM is functionally shared with the Bronco Sport and Escape which in some configurations have halogens. So it's job is mainly providing power and overcurrent circuit protection. (Note that only the high-beams have actual physical fuses while all other exterior lights have programmed current...
  20. Running A/C in stop and go traffic running down my 12 volt battery?

    The setting is present for both powertrains.