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  1. Short Oil Life

    I just followed my IOLM, as I have done on my last 5 Ford trucks, and the little Maverick got me to 12,500 miles for the first oil change. Thats 25% better than all of my Ecoboost F150’s and the Maverick burns about 25% less fuel.
  2. Maverick Totaled Serious Injuries

    I don’t go looking for crashed Mavericks and really don’t give all this any thought day to day - definitely not looking to argue the point. But, the photos I‘ve seen online of crashed Mavericks still makes me wish I’d bought my new F150 instead. The Maverick is a more nimble and better in...
  3. Maverick Totaled Serious Injuries

    Every time I see pictures of crashed Mavericks, I wish that I had bought my new F150 instead.
  4. When will Ford will release 2024 Maverick upgrades and photos?

    Neither. Just making myself laugh, see above post.
  5. When will Ford will release 2024 Maverick upgrades and photos?

    I was just adding a little humor and sarcasm to a thread that will likely go on for days with a lot of conjecture. Made myself laugh because a friend picks on me for getting a new truck because mine was due for service. 😀
  6. When will Ford will release 2024 Maverick upgrades and photos?

    To add to all the science in this thread, I’ve been changing my Ford turbo trucks at around 70,000 miles since 2015 and have not had any issues at all.
  7. What's in your bed today? [Photos Edition]

    The only thing that was in (and out) of my truck for the whole Memorial Day weekend was a pair of beach chairs and a cooler. 🇺🇸
  8. What's your Maverick's name / nickname?

    Maverick is kind of a smaller Toyota Taco made in Mexico, so how about…..Taquito?
  9. Look what Ford sent me

    Revised. 😂
  10. Crowdsourced Maverick MPG figures from 282 owners over 2.6 million miles (from Fuelly) ⛽️

    My Fuelly screen shot with lift springs and 255/65-17 tires. Winter fuel. Remote start. Jobsites. Etc. Add maybe 6-7% because of larger circumference tires. They give you 250hp for a reason. 😂
  11. Bass Boat Towing with 2.0L 4K Towing Package

    The view in your mirrors must have been something with that chasing you down the road! 😀 Ball to prop must be twice the length of the truck!
  12. Old man dilemma too many Mavs?

    Mr. Old Man, The 4k profit will pay for your Tremor’s fuel for a decade. 😂 So here is your 50 year old song reference for an old man: Go on, take the money and run Hoo hoo hoo. Signed, Ford Lightning Flipper.
  13. New Tremor Arrived But Passed

    I didn‘t realize you could get an XLT Tremor to $40k and I agree, that is too much.
  14. TSB 22-2104 – Driver or Passenger Side Seat Noise – Seat Pan Looseness / Lateral Movement

    Ha! This same issue has been going on for years with F-150’s!! Like their lug nuts, they just won’t fix the cause of the problem.
  15. 360º Cam View Available for the Maverick

    To name a few differences to some other world markets: Accountability. Liability. Frivolity.
  16. Rear sensors

    Nope. Drilled in the vertical section
  17. Rear wheel spacers

    Sorry a bit off topic. Does anyone have a link for 15-20mm spacers with new wheel studs for the Maverick (14mm?) ?