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  1. Florida For Sale-OEM Steelies w/7000 miles caps,lugs,spare-near perfect-$500

    come take a look-absolutely gorgeous,no rash,gouges or scrapes!original tires used 7000 miles and then upgraded SPARE TIRE INCLUDED APOPKA 32703
  2. XLT wheel mod in under an hour! Sticker / decal color ring

    check out my rimstripe XLT wheels $50
  3. Florida WTB ISO Lariat FRONT ADJUSTABLE headrest(s)

    have XLT with fixed headrests-need adjustable headrests with OR WITHOUT covers
  4. WTB adjustable headrests

    have 22 HYB XLT w/fixed headrests(blue/grey/orange)-anyone out there want to get rid of/sell their 4 way adjustables? color doesn't matter,I can cover them
  5. MINI-TRUCK? I don't think so

    side-by-side with a mini truck-both are lowered
  6. DIY lowering on MAV hybrid?

    hello, newbie here-got my Mav XLT Hybrid Carbon Grey last March(avg 45-47 mpg).Love it-wife not so much(she is short).No mods other than touches of orange on the exterior,will post pics later. Wondering if anyone out there has done a DIY lowering with EIBACH springs? If so,what method did...