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  1. Ford Maverick Window Tint to Reduce Heat

    Hello I checked my 2023 lariat front door factory glass see pic
  2. It is a TURBO, right. Badge added

    Here is my version of the turbo
  3. Plastic stickers removed. Did I screw up?

    Get some 3M clear protection tape cut to size and install
  4. Console Vault Tray

    Nice I have the vault but have not installed it yet. Keep me updated on your tray if someone does 3D
  5. Ford recommended service intervals

    Hello MTC. I’ve been reading posts from a lot of members about changing fluids etc.in short does any member have a short list of Ford recommendations for maintenance. I’m reading posts of axle,pto fluids changed at really low time and mileage? Help me understand plz.I’ve had my truck for 11...
  6. Shout out to one of our group members!

    That is correct I had to trim some of the hole guides on the underside my fix took care of the issue
  7. Shout out to one of our group members!

    Mine didn’t fit either I had to trim it with a razor blade
  8. Hello from Grand Rapids, Michigan!

    Welcome to the club and I spent 50 winters up there Allen park born now retired to Florida 👍
  9. New guy from Florida.

    Welcome to the club 👍
  10. Is your Maverick Rusting?

    Sorry I gave ya all I know. Last info for ya call ford and get a case# give it to b/s manager to get regional manager involved good luck 🍀 to ya 👍
  11. Is your Maverick Rusting?

    Is the Ford dealer on digital imaging if so have pics taken and have them submit for a hood replacement
  12. Is your Maverick Rusting?

    If they do it correctly they won’t need filler just grind it till corrosion is gone then spray rust/aluminum rust raider or ospho wash off them prime and seal. Then prep for paint. The underside hem flange is really tough to fix.I would get with the bodyshop manager and ask questions about the fix
  13. Is your Maverick Rusting?

    Should b covered 36/36 warranty
  14. Mabett Fender Flares Fit & Finish Quality Reviews & Carwash results?

    Yes I agree a crap shoot. But maybe they will get the fit worked out I do like them luck to you 👍
  15. Is your Maverick Rusting?

    The last I remember surface rust is not warranty only naturally rusted thru with a hole
  16. Worse gas mileage since recall?

    I run premium since day 1 it has top tier fuel and additives. For spark knock and keeps valves and pistons clean. Google top tier fuel/stations in your area run a tank of premium then go back to what you normally use. Then Recheck your mileage
  17. Is your Maverick Rusting?

    You may want to show the dealer service manager.as I said those are tough to fix
  18. Is your Maverick Rusting?

    We use ospho or rust raider for aluminum
  19. Is your Maverick Rusting?

    Lift the hood and check the underside if it’s in the hem flange seam that’s a tough one to fix the seam has to be peeled back. Show me a pic of the inside where it’s bubbling on the outside
  20. Worse gas mileage since recall?

    May have to relearn your driving habits