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  1. Unusual Screen Message

    It’s saved my butt several times, or should I say front fender meanwhile, the people behind me are gonna slam into me one day…
  2. Any Hybrid owners regret not opting for AWD/Ecoboost

    Nope! I love my 2023 Area51 XLT Lux Hybrid! I’m done with the upgrades except my friend put in a utility mat from Home Depot over his SIL and it looks great!
  3. Close enough to what I ordered, I took it!

    I declined a ‘24 we were not moved yet and I told them to sell it, I’ll miss the lariat pkg but I love my ‘23 XLT Lux which I did wait 2 years for!
  4. Headliner Check

    When I put in my cameras (hello! DD Pai) I noticed it was sketchy up there.. (I wore gloves as anyone who gave a 💩 about the truck would.)
  5. People are just Ignorant

    Every time I park…not ignorant, well maybe, but definitely lazy.
  6. CD player, cassette player and 8-track player capable 2024 Maverick XLT!

    No one stole my mother’s “Helen Reddy’s Greatest Hits” out of her ‘68 Lincoln Continental 😂
  7. I’m 65 and seeing 40! Ok, not in the mirror, mileage!

    I would move from Florida to New York in a New York minute😂
  8. CD player, cassette player and 8-track player capable 2024 Maverick XLT!

    Wait, I thought that area was just for fast food napkins!!!
  9. Remember your first mini truck from back in the day?

    My first truck was a Mazda B2200, aka courier..totalled by a red light runner😡 bought a 97 Ranger to take its place.
  10. Where do you put your garage door opener?

    Um how did you get your infotainment screen so bright??
  11. Wheel Well Damage

    Handicap is the only ding free parking anywhere unless there is a cart incident...
  12. Wheel Well Damage

    Sounds Like a Carrie Underwood song...
  13. Maverick destroys sales of Santa Cruz and every other compact-midsize pickup in Q1 2024

    When I had a Santa Cruz test drive the MPG avg was 17mpg...ran, not walked, from the huyndai dealer...
  14. New guy. My 2024 Maverick XL build

    Nice Man! I waited two years..um, glad I did! Safely parked in our new New Mexico 3 car garage instead of out in the elements (carport) in Honolulu.