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  1. More apported for the Old Farts Club. But couldnt post it there.

    So you yonuguns will know whats in store for you. He He He
  2. Used truck ratings

  3. Mabett Side Light Question

    The more I look, the more I want. However, I noticed in the videos that they are yellow and the rest of the colored lights are orange. Can the color be changed IE new EDs or perhaps you the signal tinting paint by Krylon. Actually, I would think it would be cool if the lights can in a variety...
  4. Fords proposed bed lay out. Will the Mav get it?

    This looks like a natural for the Maverick https://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/news/ford-unveils-futuristic-pick-up-truck-concept-with-extendable-body/ar-BB1lAynz?ocid=msedgdhp&pc=LCTS&cvid=535595af3a274c90c2d7173541103156&ei=19
  5. Happy Easter

    He is Risen!
  6. Go Owls

    The FAU Owls are back in the NCAA Tournament this year. Last year made the final four and lost by one point from moving to the final Game. Been waiting along time for this, Football hasn't done a think since Lane Kiffin.
  7. Stone work advice please

    In the house we bought the prior owner used stone work on the kitchen counter. It rough, some of the stones have places that are as much as 3/8 inch over the grout next to it. Very tired of it ( put a glass in the wrong place and over it goes). I was going to get a horizontal grinder with a...
  8. Got some of these for granddaughter's birthday

    Not selling just sharing https://www.goldback.com/
  9. A little of Mrs handiwork

  10. Got a turn signal recall on my 23XLEBA51

    Recall was for software on the turn signal. Recall notice 23C41. Anyone else get one?
  11. Second thoughts towing

    I have a 23 XL EB no towing package. Looking at a 2800 GVW travel trailer. Yeah second thoughts, lack of foresight etc etc. Any upgrades that could make this palatable? Hate to trade in after one year.
  12. Mirror in put please

    At some point in 2024 year I am going in for some surgery. Should be in the hospital for three days. Wife will be using the Mav. Her car a Kia Soul is on loan to my son. The deal is she is blind in her right eye. Any ideas on a wide-angle mirror that would help her. The hospital doing the...
  13. Intresting trip (if you ignore the ads)

  14. Stout Ready for NA?

    Ive seen some articles about the Stout getting ready for NA. Mentioned an all electric version is possible. Hybrids can be good, all electric not so much IMO. So I guess we can wait for the Stout Or we can have one now
  15. Christmas memes

  16. Tonneau Question

    I have a soft trifold tonneau on my 23 XL. However, when going to use the bed it causes me to lose about a foot on an already shot bed. Thinking about a soft roll up and selling the trifold. Some questions about the roll ups Do they flap a lot at highway speeds? Do they leak? They all leak some...
  17. Happy Thanksgiving!

  18. Rear visability

    I removed the rear headrest on the right. This reduces the blindspots when trying to pull out into traffic. Anybody else do this or am I weird.
  19. Lop sided for sure

  20. Maverick experience

    Last night had to go to the grocery store, about 10:30 PM. Leaving the store I was approached by an individual taller than me, IM 6 foot. The parking lot is pretty dark, and the said.. Is that a Maverick? He went on to explain the he had read all the consumer reports and they raved about the...