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  1. How close now....

    For you BAP Terrain guys to getting your trucks? I don't think XLT or Lariat matters.
  2. Damn Hybrid

    36 mpg at 70-80mph for 2 week average. Mid 30s lower 40s air temp. Kept my heat at 75 because being cold is for sissies. So Mybrid is about 100 miles less a tank if I had to drive i-5 consistently in the cold. Yes it's significant but I don't think it warrants a AWD 2.0 during summer. That is all
  3. 100% mpg gain

    Times are tough on people so they ride into the city now. Emissions might be high at top speed but if you hold your breath you will gain .3 mph.
  4. Anyone got a 2024 Terrain scheduled?

    Just curious as I would like to follow you so I can see some images once you recieve. Even better if BAP Terrain.
  5. New to me Discovery today

    I hit a few of my jobsites today and some I have to jump out unlock gate and drive through then stop again going through. Well I like the fact that I can just stop open door and hop out. Automatically goes into park. That is super handy as sometimes I have to jump in and out multiple times...
  6. City 10% driving

    90% highway and country roads. When the topic comes up and I hear people saying" Hybrids for the city driving"... My fighter jet likes to glide over the hills, sweep through the valley's of trees, hit the flat hay fields fast with the sound of silence. Hitting my target destination and gone...
  7. Mullinax ford Olympia

    2023 Alto blue xlt copilot,lux package, tow package. No sunroof or sliding back window. 29,3xx Looks like msrp. I was there looking at it because I was passing by and wanted to see the colors. Carbonized grey was next to it but it is sold. Their website is wrong on the CG
  8. For you Mavforgottens

  9. I know I said........

    I wasn't going to order a 24....I'm going Monday to price out a XL and XLT with what I want. It either will work or won't. I'm not going through the mass amount of pages. Awesome ford did me solid already so I will go see what's up. I still wanted my daughter to get my current build. Might look...
  10. First for me on a few

    First time seeing HankJr First time 4 adults in maverick First mostly ICE run, WEEEEEEEEEEE Averaged 73-75mph First pick caught at a concert (OCMS) guitarist
  11. Clean grease of black plastic exterior?

    I must've drove through some kind of blue grease. Not coming from Mybrid. I searched here and Cerakote and 303 seem to be a protective coating I will be looking at. I tried dry rag and no go(smearing). I went through touchless car wash and had the spray wax selected. It was in the 80s so...
  12. Just wanted to say thanks

    To whoever posted in a recent thread about the rear view mirror articulating arm. I just shoved mine all the way up. So much better. To you mystery man that I can't remember.....Cheers
  13. Hybrid Maverick constantly clicking, clunking, switches sounds

    Doing paper work and engine off key out and this truck is constantly clicking clunky switches open close ticky ticky. Every 45seconds or so. It almost sounds like electric doors unlock and lock superfast mutiple times and clunk one time underhood. Weird to think it might do this all night or...
  14. Speedometer off....anyone else?

    23XL hybrid. So i have used 3 phone gps waze apps and they are consistent 1mph off. Went passed a digital speed sign today and same thing. I have to set CC 1mph over to be doing the posted speed limit. I know it's not a big deal and big world problems right...I mean c'mon it's a 23 and all...
  15. The upgrades I have done so far to my XL

    Bought wheels from member Dave_in_PA. He was very commutative and had patience with me trying to get payment on app services. Opted for matte black lugs. Tinted front windows and the strip on windshield. Added ceramic wrap to the whole front/headlights/fenders and hood,door edges,door pull...
  16. HYBRID adjustable leveling shocks front

    Is there such a thing? Seems I see 4wd,toyota,5100...just not narrowed to the Topic. When i bought my 2013 silverado i removed the cheap lift leveling kit and added the bilstein adjustable shocks. Pictures or links?
  17. Welp...The Unicorn is Real

    Spotted a Mav at a Bar n grill and was going to ask who here is day drinking(I wont give your plate away). I got to my next job and hopped out and taking pictures of the subs work. Hopped back in my Silverado and had a message from Chris at Awesome Ford. Hey buddy we got a Maverick for you. I...
  18. 23 or 24 buy or wait

    If a unicorn New 23' and what you wanted in the Hybrid popped up say with 3k Market Adj. or really lucky and msrp, would you jump on it or just wait for the 24' since July is right around the corner?
  19. ETSY

    Do you guys look on ETSY or have you? Some neat items on there. I don't own a Mav yet, placing order on next round.