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  1. Just my way to fill that useless dash cubby opening, I like analog anway

    My idea on how to fill this useless opening, I prefer analog anyway.
  2. Bed mat and backflip midgate on a budget - my custom DIY solution 🪚

    Well for us that need to make our mods on a budget, here is what I've dune this week, the bed mat is lock together foam matting from Lowe's, under 25 bucks for six pieces, cuts to fit with a good blade or saw easily ,cleans up good and easy on the knees. The back flip midgate is wood I had in...
  3. This is what I've done to my Maverick and I like it

    I've had a year to think about it, visualize, and watch what some of yall have done to your own truck. This is what I decided to do to mine and so far I'm happy with it. For all those that are still waiting, hang in you won't be disappointed, then make that truck your own.
  4. I just picked up my XL

    Ok ,I ordered from Landers Ford South,13 months ago, have tried to keep an eye on the build over that time. Today they called while they were unloading the truck, I gave them time to check and clean it and get the papers together. When I arrived I've got to say the truck looks better then the...