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  1. Spied: Eruption Green 2025 Maverick XL on Steelies / XLT with New Grille / Lariat with New Wheels and Accents

    Lots of undecided feelings about the known (or assumed) changes on the '25. First, the grill: Ford's restyle definitely puts it in line with their current SUV styling as opposed to the truck camp. Does Ford consider it an SUV rather than a truck?. Front end kind of reminds me of that Hyundai...
  2. 2022 Maverick XL awd service scam?

    What does the door sticker say? Maybe it's wrong. Happened before.
  3. Telematics Fuse # 11?

    I might add this is the fuse box in the passenger foot well. My early '24 owner's manual has it listed as telematics. Not installing or using Ford Pass may help prevent the dreaded "deep sleep " issues in addition to thwarting "Big Brother" ever so slightly. I have not installed Ford Pass and...
  4. Hill Descent Control

    No, the hybrid has a "braking" mode button in the center of the shift dial to increase your regenerative braking when desired like on a steep down hill stretch. Be aware this does not activate your brake lights and when your battery has all the charge it can take, you will get engine braking...
  5. What is ford credit apr, as right now..

    An unusual good deal on auto sales tax in South Carolina is that on cars, it is capped at $500. Your NC dealer knew what he was doing. The $500 will be passed on to SC, he could even apply for the SC registration for you. I live in SC and have purchased in nearby Georgia before.
  6. Hello, and sadly I can't stay

    I think you might not be in as bad a shape as you fear. Yeah, you will most likely take a financial hit if you bail immediately, but my dealer in SC is still attempting a $995 ADM even on his Ecoboost inventory stock. See what Carvana and others like them offer. A hybrid should still command a...
  7. 2024 Lariat what's missing in this picture

    My early build date (10/23) '24 Lariat does have it installed also. Sounds like either a supply shortage or a running change. More likely: just a QC omission due to the rapid ramp up in production.
  8. Missing Splash Guard Above Rear Left Tire? exposed Wires?

    I would also fabricate or install a shield to prevent winter slush/brine from being thrown up into tail light area causing premature rusting. Search threads here on the subject. Just do a search on "left rear wheel well gap" for starters.
  9. Button cover for center console?

    Have a hybrid and use a makeshift cover I made from some thin molded cardboard packaging. Does not look great, however, it is effective. I found my dog and other stuff could depress the buttons accidently, so created this until I found something better. I use the slot to keep it in place. A...
  10. Air Filter - Trash Talk

    I think with Ford realizing they need to keep the ICE viable longer into the future, there's a good possibility of that happening.
  11. Disappointed in Muslogy center console tray! Bad mould?

    Should have gotten the original from our forum member @P99Guy. If the one he sends you is somehow not right, he will send you another!
  12. Price increase on 2024 Maverick XL, XLT, Lariat, Tremor as of May 21

    Ford is having recover what they can where they can with all the price cuts they had to make on their EV's. I'll guess that the price went up on anything selling well.
  13. Waterick

    South Carolina owners

    I made my 4th full up today at 682 miles on the tank. Only went three miles beyond O MTE and took 14.009 gallons. Calculated to 48.6 MPG. A bit uneasy to go beyond 0 miles to empty.
  14. DAO - Spray in Liner on a Lariat?

    You are correct. Sounds like the dealer is trying to get ADM anyway they can.
  15. Best mud flaps

    The Maybetts fit perfectly on my '24 Lariat. I at first attempted to mount the wrong flap on the wrong wheel and thought something was wrong also, but quickly figured it out.
  16. Remember your first mini truck from back in the day?

    I don't believe any of the mini trucks had the shift on the column. There could be a rare exception I'm not aware of however.
  17. 2024 or 2025?

    As I can recall, least the following: Secure code keypad (XLT, Lariat) Headed windshield wiper rest Manual sliding rear window option Stand alone 120 volt inverter option More color options for XL Lower price there may be more I am forgetting.
  18. Dealership Inventory

    My small town dealer who never had any new ones on his lot earlier, has had two dealer stock EB's ( Lariat AWD and a Tremor). They still have the Tremor, the ADM on the window was $995 for both. It's probably been six weeks now, the Lariat has been gone about 2 weeks and who knows if they got...
  19. MPG just keeps getting better on my hybrid.

    Mine keeps going up too. Picked mine up end of November with running mileage tally of 30 MPG reset when dealer filled at 40 miles total prior to delivery at 48. Not reset since, now have about 2300 miles and running average shows 46.5 MPG. It will probably go up until A/C is always needed...
  20. Has anyone had any issues with their 2024 Maverick hybrid?

    Wow! You're quickly racking up the miles on your new truck! You do have a '24, right?