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  1. Light strip not compatible

    I bought a light strip for the back of my hybrid Maverick truck, it didn't work so I took it over to the neighbors and tried it on his and it worked perfect. Went to the dealer and they tested it and told me it's not compatible with my truck, they said it didn't have enough resistance. Makes no...
  2. Crash avoidance system works

    Picked up my hybrid Maverick Saturday morning and today I drove up to another town to go to the vet. Just got into town when a jacked up 4x4 cut right in front of me and before I could get my foot on the brake I was stopped. Less than 200 miles I probably would have been totalled.
  3. Modules are on, now what?

    I've had my window sticker for about a week now, but about 10 this morning the tracker showed that the modules had been turned on. So now that my truck is built what do I need to know about transportation and eta?
  4. Customer service says hybrid transmissions reason for current production delay & all hybrids will be converted to 2023MY

    According to customer service hybrid transmissions are the current cause of the delay for production and all hybrids will be converted to MY23s. As usual specific info will follow. Watch for your email, even though I have never gotten an email from Ford.
  5. Railway strike

    Per Ford Authority: The current issues facing the U.S. railroad industry revolve around a contract dispute between railway workers and the companies that employ them, as their union-negotiated contracts expired three years ago. If an agreement is not reached by September 15th, 2022, the railway...