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  1. Maverick Tremor or Rugged Ridgeline

    Lack of clearance on Ridgeline still would have me pick a maverick . But this does have more cargo room and bed space
  2. F150 to get LOBO trim Maverick related as well

    https://fordauthority.com/2023/08/2024-ford-f-150-lobo-details-revealed-exclusive/ Maverick has the same licensing patent as well . This trim is suppsoe to have lower ride height for the f150 . Could this be our little street truck variant as well?
  3. Could you fit 2.3l engine in the Maverick (ST) ? If you could what be reasonable price to charge for the engine in package ?

    https://www.motorreviewer.com/engine.php?engine_id=135 Would spend 45k for st package with 2.3l engine
  4. 2024 Maverick Build & Price goes live Monday 7/17 at 9am

    Builder is going be up on 17th in the mourning ! Early bird gets a truck!
  5. Maverick sales vs competition so far in 2023 is doing very well!

    Maverick out sells every midsize truck besides the Tacoma Toyota Tacoma 62,262 Ford Maverick 21,021 Chevrolet Colorado 19,909 Nissan Frontier 17,213 Honda Ridgeline 14,512 Jeep Gladiator 13,751 Ford Ranger 12,618 Hyundia Santa Cruz 10,743 GMC Canyon 6,708 Almost doubling the...
  6. Maverick ST NOT spotted via Long McArthur info

    Not ST after all .
  7. Maverick ST in the Works

    https://fordauthority.com/2023/06/street-performance-ford-maverick-in-the-works-exclusive/?mibextid=Zxz2cZ For 2023, the Ford Maverick Tremor Off-Road package became optional for those looking for a bit more off-road capability than what was offered by the FX4 package, and now, sources tell...
  8. Ford takes 1st Quarter Market share

  9. Meet Telo the little EV pickup that could ! From Telo . Original Tesla Roadster designer

  10. Ford and VW working closer together. what does that mean for future of the maverick?

    https://fordauthority.com/2023/05/vw-group-ceo-met-with-farley-says-partnership-is-evolving/ A full on merger could ford make ev maverick quicker. VW is coming out with scout in few years as well,..
  11. 2024 Ranger & Ranger Raptor build & price is LIVE

    https://www.ranger6g.com/2024-ranger-build-price-configurator-is-live/ 38k for 4x4 I don’t see too many people going to bigger size . Make sure you have order ready on the 17th’ ofJuly 😂
  12. Pre Runner Maverick Fighter? Stout rumor killer?

  13. 2024 Tacoma is here

    https://www.tacoma4g.com/forum/threads/2024-tacoma-revealed-full-specs-release-pics.1308/ In terms of grades, Tacoma is available in SR, SR5, TRD PreRunner, TRD Sport, TRD Off Road, Limited, TRD Pro, and Trailhunter. Returning for 2024, TRD PreRunner is available in the XtraCab configuration...
  14. Toyota last last teaser 1:30 am EST 10:30 PT May 19th

    Nice dark green here. https://www.tacoma4g.com/forum/threads/teaser-5-16-2024-tacoma-trd-pro-trailhunter-overhead-view-in-two-colors-w-black-roof-may-19-1-30am-et-debut-confirmed.1296/
  15. Ram teased force is coming on may 10th same day as the ranger*

    Another 1500 engine spec ? Dakota? Something else ?
  16. Rampage will have US Counterpart as engineers say

    in North America as well, with the engineering team behind the project recently stating that a U.S. counterpart is in development.
  17. Much better MPG in Eco mode vs normal mode?

    Do you guys feel like you get much better Mpg in Eco mode then normal mode? I feel like acceleration is slower but it still quick thanks!
  18. Maverick sales up 77% in the 4th Quarter 22,568

    Huge 4th quarter for the maverick.