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  1. Ford of Carlisle discount

    To other Maverick owners going to Carlisle this year. Did you get the discount for early registration? I was charged the full price. I went to the Carlisle site and registered for the Maverick Truck Club. I did that sometime last year and wondered why I got charged full price. Any secret to get...
  2. Instrument Cluster Recall

    Just curious if anyone had a issue with the instrument cluster. If so what happens to it. I am like others if not broken don't fix it. Obviously this is before the recall is performed. Would like to know what to expect with the dash cluster failure when it happens. I would imagine you can still...
  3. Maverick Hybrid Grabber Build

    Hope this shows up on the main page. Finally got my Maverick customized. Had help with people who knew what they were doing. Did some interior mods too. Can't wait till the spring so I can do more. Hopefully my custom wheels will be available. May have to switch to 18" if the 17 " ones are not...
  4. My Grabber Build

    Finally got some customization done to my 2023 Hybrid. My first car was a 71 Maverick Grabber. That is what inspired me to make my Maverick my own. Still need to get my summer rims. Have time since they are on back order.
  5. 383 DAYS!

    My HPR hybrid build date was September 4th then 9th then finally the 11th. Finally got built and when I checked on September 16th I read it shipped. I called Ford up the 22nd and was told it was in Arizona. Was told it should arrive between the 17th and the 27th of October. I tried to get the...
  6. Amber Turn Signals

    Since I have been on this club lots of Mavericks have been rear ended. I am going to switch to LED bulbs. I don't have my truck yet (maybe October). I been always trying to figure out how to add amber signals somewhere on the back. They are way more easy to see. I ordered Night Light tailgate...
  7. When Did You Purchase Accessories ?

    As soon as I got my in production date I started ordering add on's. Body color side moldings, in-channel window vents, tailgate lettering, and clear door edge moldings. These I have received so far. Going to order floor mats soon. I got some prices on PPF and ceramic coating. Going to have...

    Not sure how to post pictures of my Maverick after I get it. Need some instructions on how to do it.
  9. New Member Order Placed 9/17/22

    Hello All. Received e-mail accepting my order for my H.P.R. Hybrid on 9/19/22. Time for the waiting game. I will be able to save more money for a bigger down payment.