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  1. Tonneau Cover Buying Guide

    There can only be one as Highlander showed :). Sentry CT hard rollup - has cloth like a convertible top, hard points and seals great. Just have to close tailgate first then roll down. Just had first family trip for a bit over a week - cover was awesome, lots of compliments from folks seeing...
  2. Saw a truck I'd never heard of today. Suzuki Equator.

    Rebadged Frontier. Good truck up to a point…that point being the transmission and transmission cooling. Problem is all frontiers had a fault that could put radiator fluid in the transmission due to a fault cooling design. Ultimately was a recall / fix…BUT suzuki never got the recall. Further...
  3. To moonroof or not to moonroof. That is the question

    Lots of negatives here, and I frankly would have been one of them after my Ridgeline. We have had them in multiple cars - never a leak or issue but we did not use, never saw a much use. Get a convertible. BUT - we did order on this one at my wife’s insistence.…and surprise we both like. The...
  4. How many of you ordered a Maverick without even test driving it?

    We placed our order beginning of Dec. 2022. Wife had looked at one at a dealer but could not get into it. I never saw one and neither of us drove it until our order arrived at end of April. Very happy with choice, size, driving, etc. Great value - and we were coming from a 2017 Honda Ridgeline.
  5. 2023 Maverick Retail Order Banks Closing Next Week + Tremor Package Ordering Starts Tomorrow (9/17)

    Wow. Less than a week and done for 2023. Never realized how lucky we were - my 2022 fully loaded XLT FX4 4K AWD Eco LUX Moonroof truck would appear to be bit of a rarity given the constraints. Good luck to all ordering - may you get what you want and quickly.
  6. HPR Eco FX4 - Detailer Video & Pics

    Figured some of you would like this. We found a great detailer for our car - we get high end wax not Ceramic but the video just sent came out great. Looks awesome and really shows how the HPR changes color by angle. 2000 miles just about exactly on the clock
  7. This has me worried, and i havent even got mine yet

    If I had not needed the 10K+ to tow my boat I would have picked the 4.6. That engine is much more reliable than the 5.4 Triton and I’d probably still have the truck. Good luck hope you can roll another 100K on the truck.
  8. This has me worried, and i havent even got mine yet

    Quality and repairs across all manufacturers is a bit of a crapshoot. My Acura TL had to have the transmission replaced twice - once proactively and once after warranty ran out…but they covered because this component had been extended. I had a Ford F150 bought new in 1996 that was the biggest...
  9. XLT vs. Lariat Debate

    Because around here we have gotten really good at sniping those d*mn things with pellet rifles - legal too. They eat and kill all of our flowering plants and killed my Hong Kong Orchid tree. Entire community works to keep them out of our neighborhood. We need a freeze this winter to take out...
  10. XLT vs. Lariat Debate

    My XLT FX4 with Moonroof, lux, and 4K was a smoking deal. We love the cloth seats - we gave up sync 3, adaptive cruise, and push button start. Yeah for the premium of that - we are good. Audio is fine and what I care about - the “go” , “ride” and capability - we got exactly what we wanted at...
  11. Oh No! Nathan bought a Santa Cruz!

    He said he’d buy a Maverick if he could find one without games, but he couldn’t and even ran into games from a Santa Cruz dealer. If you listen sounds like he preferred the Maverick overall but did note that it was not as comfortable as the SC. We are smaller folks and the XLT seats are...
  12. Recall: 2022 Maverick Side Curtain Airbag Recall NHTSA Notice (August 8, 2022). Vehicles Affected: 64,974

    Meh, our truck has been faultless granted just 2,000 miles. Only thing I noticed was unprimed metal under rear taillights when pull off for installing the bed extender. But we have an Ecoboost built in April if I recall so those seem to have been pretty clean. Replacing airbag no big deal...
  13. Why I am leaving the Ridgeline

    Traded in our 2017 Ridgeline for the Maverick. Had right at 50K miles on the Ridgeline - good car but the OP gets it right re: Engine and Infotainment. I’d add that we like the ride of our XLT better, the engine is better for low rev torque, and we do miss the trunk - but added a nice cover...
  14. Truxedo Sentry CT Hard Rollup Tonneau - Now with Pictures!

    It is the full bed yeah no pics will add one at some point. Same as any pic of a maverick you may see. The only difference of note may be the comparison between a bak Revolver. The back latch means no bed extender without interference on that. you can see the clearance in my pics.
  15. Truxedo Sentry CT Hard Rollup Tonneau - Now with Pictures!

    Go outside. Look at your truck from behind. Focus on truck bed. Not trying to be an A** but pretty much exactly like that.
  16. Truxedo Sentry CT Hard Rollup Tonneau - Now with Pictures!

    As far as closing - maybe, but one of the strengths of this design is closing tailgate first then letting last roll with seal come down and lock. Makes it nicely water resistant. Just a compromise as to what you value. Regarding the Velcro, I wondered too but after having I’m glad they did...
  17. Best fit bed cover. Tri-fold, rollup?

    Only needs to be rolled all the way up and straps connected when driving. When loading/unloading even on an incline you can partially roll as short or far as you‘d like. Really is a nicely designed cover, if not the best one out there.
  18. Best fit bed cover. Tri-fold, rollup?

    The sentry needs to be rolled all the way up and secured with straps. Not sure if BAK or others have halfway roll options? would think with the design not possible. For 2 I would say definitely the Sentry - it has a latch under each side when rolled up you release then pull it up. very quick...
  19. Best fit bed cover. Tri-fold, rollup?

    Sentry CT Hard Rollup. Best of the options, best of rollups. Have a thread on here about why