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  1. Mavericks A/C not doing it for you? Try this!

    Stick it right up there... Right on the jewels. Terrific ad placement if I do say so myself. The products name is "Jewel Cooler for Man, Easy to Use Car AC Vent Extender Hose for Man Cool or Warm Air". Interesting choice of picture and naming but ok. Similarly, the military does have these...
  2. Alright, how many of you do this?

    lmfao I do this randomly and it's a year old. Sometimes after a wash... sometimes when I'm bored and thinking "you don't need to spend money" but I know I'm gonna so it might as well be on the ride.
  3. PSA: Don't use anti seize on your lug nuts (duh?)

    I can't say I've ever seen anyone do this, but I guess it's helpful to put out there, that you should never use anti seize on the lug nuts because you will over torque them. And don't let those tire techs use their impacts either. Anyways... here is a cool torque wrench video that covers it and...
  4. Montana 17" black FX4 wheels - $600

    Wheels have a couple blemishes that I've circled. Willing to meet as far as Spokane, WA- Missoula, MT - Coeur d'Alene, ID or within those areas. I've checked on shipping and it' pretty expensive, but I'll check again if the location is close enough. $600 firm. Paypal Only.
  5. The truck that keeps you connected

  6. 3 Jeeps destroyed in 3 seconds!

    This played out differently than I thought it would.
  7. Got my oil in the mail today...

    Not the first time I've ordered oil, but definitely the worst. They chose to throw it loose in a bigger box and wrap it inside two plastic trash bags. Previously I've had it shipped in the box with the label clearly stating it's oil and not had any issues, or inside a box full of bubble...
  8. Caught this on dashcam the other day... "interesting" (sad) story behind it.

    I submitted this video to a dashcam channel the other day and just recently learned the story behind the incident. Pretty alarming. My video starts at 0:53 (the player should automatically start there). Here is the full story behind what happened...
  9. Montana Sold: SOLD

  10. Transmission fluid check and service, with torque specs (per the Service Manual)

    I'm posting this in the maintenance section rather than the transmission section because it's the servicing instructions for the transmission on the EcoBoosts. The revision of the service manual is 2021 so unless something drastic changes, it should remain current for a while for the 8F35's. If...
  11. How do I view a list of watched threads?

    Am I missing something? The only thing the "following" link does is send you to a user following area (borderline pointless), and there is no quick link to view all watched threads that I can find unless I bookmark specific posts in the threads (of which you cannot organize). Am I overlooking...
  12. Montana Carbon Fiber Interior Trim - $50 Shipped

    Plenty of adhesive strength left. No scratches/dents/dings. Asking $50 shipped, PayPal only please!
  13. Duplicate thread?

    No idea how another thread was created for my build
  14. Montana's Maverick - '22 Lariat Lux FX4 4K EB

    '22 Maverick Lariat Lux FX4 4K Ecoboost Modifications: 245/65R17 KO2's AlphaEquipt Foxtrot's (17x7.5) (+35 & 27 #'s) EGR Window Deflectors (In Channel) AVS Bugflector II (Smoke) LoMax Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover (Urethane) DeeZee Tailgate Assist RokBlokz TuxMat Floor Liners Stubby JR...
  15. Blackout headlight/taillight part numbers?

    Anyone have the part numbers for the blackout headlights and taillights? Not looking for 3rd party options, just for future reference and information.
  16. Brake pad replacement process

    For some reason, the manual has the nomenclature above the images instead of below them, so refer to the images after the numbered steps which may end up on the next page (and often do). First off, you have to enter brake service mode: Now onto the front pads. (you can skip deactivating the...
  17. Rescued a dog today

    Well, this is the 2nd dog I have saved off the highway (70mph rural highway). First one was a big boi and jumped right in the lifted Tacoma I was driving. Had a collar, no ID tags or anything. Owner responded to my families FB post with "Just let it go, it will find it's way home"... I was...
  18. Looking for cup holder inserts that are the brown color

    I've searched but maybe not well enough, and can't find anything. I found this insert: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0BG4BSCTF/ref=ox_sc_saved_image_1?smid=A3II9HQ6ZPL6HP&psc=1 And was hoping to find the same color for the cup holders, but I've had no luck so far. Anyone seen cup holder...
  19. How do you view followed threads?

    *Edit Nvm, found it. Right there as a quick bookmark. Disregard please.