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  1. New shoes arrived today -- 235/65/18 Crossmax tires

    Picked up new 235/65/18 Crossmax tires on sale for $82.00 each from Amazon. They have great ratings for the price. These are 30" tall, and should fill the wheelwells a bit more and give a great ride. They are replacing my Toyo Observe 225/60 snow tires. New tires weigh 29 pounds each vs. 31 for...
  2. Met a Maverick owner who needed a ride.

    I was out Saturday night doing some Uber rides. I get a call to pickup at a bar, and the passenger asked if it was an XLT or Lariat. Told him it's a base XL, and he said he has a Maverick at home that got hail damage Thursday. First passenger I had that owned a Maverick. His wife was going to...
  3. MPG just keeps getting better on my hybrid.

    Just got my first 635 mile tank without trying or over filling. City and highway mixed. New fill up says 638 to empty. sitting at 14,000 miles now.
  4. Mid gate for Maverick?

    Ford just filed for a mid gate patent for the Maverick. Probably for the 2028 MY redesign. https://fordauthority.com/2024/05/patent-filing-suggests-ford-maverick-could-get-midgate/
  5. Autoblog article: Ford says very few compromises in new Hybrids

    Ford says very few comprimises in new Hybrids. https://www.autoblog.com/2024/03/23/hybrid-cars-now-have-very-few-compromises-says-ford-executive-and-sales-are-booming/
  6. Trip MPG report.

    Took a week vacation, drove to Florida and back. Average speed was about 79 MPH over 2,000 miles. Highway speeds varied between 70-90mph, (a few times over that) Rolling with traffic most of the time. A little local driving, but 95% highway at least. 36.2 MPG indicated, 34.2 MPG hand calculated...
  7. Refresh Maverick spy pics - larger display screen and off-road tires

    Full width display screen finally. https://www.autoblog.com/2024/03/14/2025-ford-maverick-spied-with-new-off-road-tires-bigger-screen/
  8. Inexpensive tonneau cover.

    Pretty happy with this so far. Paid $137 plus tax. Tri fold. Real test is with rain/car wash.
  9. My No Drill Plate Mount

    I didn't want the factory front plate mount which requires drilling, so I found one that works using zip ties. I used small sections of door edge on the back edge to keep from scratching the lower grille.
  10. 2025 Maverick performance model?

    Possibly. 2025 Ford Maverick Performance Model Will Feature New Wheels (fordauthority.com)
  11. Today's driving mpg.

    Drove 115 miles this afternoon, with 68 miles electric mode. 52.8 mpg. Mostly city, with a couple short highway trips. 5 hours of mostly suburban driving. Not bad, considering I wasn't trying.
  12. Flated topper, Creepy?

    Well I put my Flated topper on yesterday. Was going to do a few hours of rideshare in the snow, and figured It would keep any suitcases or groceries dry. I get home and my wife sees it this morning and says take it off, it's creepy. It's not creepy to me, but I guess if you are a woman using...
  13. Anyone Do Uber, Lyft, Doordash ETC. with their Maverick?

    Just curious if anyone does this as a sideline, or am I crazy? I tried it this weekend a little.
  14. Dirty old cars?

    Just found a show on HULU called Dirty old cars. They look for cars to clean up in an XLT Maverick! Going to watch the first episode now. LOL.
  15. Love it or hate it. It's functional. GTS visor installed on the rear window

    I added this GTS visor on the rear window. Considering it's not a direct fit, it's pretty close.
  16. I bought a small camper for the Maverick -- 2023 Outbound Extreme XT

    I've been watching this simple unit for a while. It's a 2023 Outbound Extreme XT. Only bad thing is it is pretty tall at 93", but I will be able to stand in it. EW is about 1100#. This will fit in my Garage at home. Wide enough for a queen Mattress, and it has 2 58"x24" bunk beds up front. List...
  17. Mavericks parking by Mavericks.

    Come out of a store today, and another 23 Atlas blue Maverick was parked next to me. Happens quite often!
  18. Toyota HiLux Revo BEV truck.

    This one looks more production ready. A bit ugly though. An EV Maverick RCLB would be nice. Compact Toyota electric pickup project revealed: Is it US-bound? (greencarreports.com)
  19. 3D printed bed corners?

    Looking at adding a camper to my Maverick. Ford designed the front of the bed caps with a curve, which really gets in the way. It is doable (like GFC) but would be much better and less waste of space if the curved piece was remade with a 90 degree corner. I'm thinking 3D printed 90 degree...
  20. Illinois New take off steelies. Complete set, ready to bolt on.

    ***SALE PENDING*** I have a complete set of new take off steel XL wheels and tires. One truck for one week only. Includes 4 wheels, tires, tpms sensors, caps, and lugs. Factory mounted and balanced. Nothing to do but bolt them on. No scratches or damage of any kind. $500 for the set. Located In...