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  1. Portable fridge in the heat

    I will echo the others and say you'll be fine - just don't pack a bunch of stuff around the vents for the fridge so that it can dissipate the heat generated by the compressor. Judging by some of the dust incursion I've had on dirt roads, there's likely more airflow than you think with a closed...
  2. DIY Custom Side Rails / Tie-Down Hook Mounts

    Ok this is freakin' clever! I may have to steal this. Well done sir!
  3. Surfing and diving

    I've used a small dry box from Otterbox on many dives in the past with no water incursion. It's like 7"x5"x2", so is great for a BCD pocket, but I assume it may get in your way just crammed in your wetsuit for surfing.
  4. When Does Maverick Make Sense?

    As you alluded to, value is relative; someone who is an "XL buyer" is never going to see the value in Lariat options. That's not a judgement btw. I checked all the boxes on my order and it came in a touch over $39k. I enjoy every single option I added and don't regret the extra spend. At...
  5. Diode Dynamics SS3 LED PODS SAE in Yellow + backlight installed.... Thank you Diode Dynamics!

    Despite the sweet-ass lights, my first thought was also "oof that bolt looks a little too close to paintwork for my liking". I'll second Diode Dynamics quality though - standout stuff!
  6. Rugged Black Diamondback HD Installed

    Yeah someone referenced a moldable black silicone putty that you can kind of smear in there. I plan to do that to my tonneau at some point.
  7. Cycling Enthusiasts: Show your Bike(s) with your Maverick

    You have a refined taste! Congrats on snagging a 4RR!
  8. My salesman asked for a better rating.

    Customer surveys are the bane of everyone involved and aren't actually a tool to improve customer service. Negative results (anything that's not 10/10) are disproportionately punitive compared to the benefits of positive results. As mentioned, individual pay is often tied to these results, but...
  9. Tire Pressure Question

    42 > 36
  10. Ford Maverick braking

    I swear, if I were a moderator, there would be like 3 threads on this forum...
  11. Packout Campers: Maverick Edition Installed

    Nice to see an alternative to the GFC. Can't wait to see your build out!
  12. ElectricSheep's '22 Lariat Maverick Rig. 2" Lift, GFC Wheels-Tires Awning. (Update Lights)

    DUDE! Officially drool-worthy build 🤤🤤 The lighting is totally overkill, but in the best way possible. Always fun to see these kinds of builds, but even more fun to hear that it's being used for its purpose. Good on you!
  13. Credit Card Payment Limit

    Fair play. You didn't mention if your dealer charges a convenience fee for card use, only that they have a max amount based on payment method. They would be silly if they don't charge a fee, for the reasons you just laid out.
  14. Credit Card Payment Limit

    I understand your post - I'll try to be more clear. There's a financial incentive for them to get you to finance more. If you're not financing, they're not making any money on financing. In that case, allowing credit card use doesn't directly affect their profit. For example, if you're...
  15. Credit Card Payment Limit

    You're cutting into their finance reserve by putting more money down and not financing as much - typically the bigger the loan, the more the dealer gets paid for writing it. Reducing the loan amount by using your card for a down payment is a negative for them. Even if they charge you a...
  16. Tremor on All Season instead of All Terrain tires

    FX4 owner here - I replaced the stock Pirelli Scorpions at about 1k miles with the same size Falken Wildpeaks you have on your Tremor from the factory. Tire noise, braking/turning, and MPG changes were noticeable (and negative) but pretty negligible. I don't find the Falkens to be an overly...
  17. 2 years on the road living in my Maverick and camper

    Here you go: https://gofastcampers.com/
  18. 2 years on the road living in my Maverick and camper

    Windshield noise sort of sounds like the classic locator pin issue, no? Freaking love your GFC + Scamp setup btw!
  19. To flip or not to flip

    Exactly - you're putting up $32k to maybe make $1000 or lose $5000. Not worth it.