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  1. The letter to All the Ford Maverick owners who have purchased Lasfit brake light/rear turn signal lights

    Looking forward to the final version for the Lariat. I am also willing to test if you need a tester. I did replace my original front LED"s with the T3 Amber LED. The T3 are much less harsh light and not as blinding. Really glad I upgraded them now. I really don't want to use registers if I...
  2. Sure hope it shut off!

    There is a setting in the menu for this. I have mine set to 10 minutes. Regardless if I start it with the App or the Remote after 10 minutes it shuts off. There have been a few times that I've sat in my truck waiting on someone and after 30 minutes it will tell me it is going to shut down and...
  3. Got these bad boys Mabet side marker lights today

    I don't know if it just me, but they look too yellow and not so much amber. Maybe the videos I've seen don't do them justice. I like the style of them.
  4. Has anyone had to replace a windshield? Any issues with recalibration of the collision avoidance sensor?

    My windshield got cracked within 30 days to taking delivery of mine. Good ole Louisiana roads. I took it to Safelite and there was no issue with the calibration at all. They did put my windshield wipers on too high and I had to tell them to adjust them which they did in about 5 minutes. $100...
  5. The letter to All the Ford Maverick owners who have purchased Lasfit brake light/rear turn signal lights

    Wow, I have always gotten great support with Lasfit. They surely didn't have to do this, but they are and I take my hat off to them for doing so. I purchased the T3 but I have a Lariat so they wouldn't solve the issue. I ended up sending them back for a refund, which they promptly processed...
  6. Updated 2025 Maverick w/ larger vertical screen spotted!

    I figured like most if they did anything they would just make the screen wider to fill up the space that is there less that side cubby. That would likely be around a 10" screen. A bit higher quality screen would be nice too especially on the Lariat.
  7. 2023 Maverick Emissions Recall 23E09 (Air/Fuel Enrichment Calibration) - New Vehicle Delivery Hold

    I had the same thing... it will eventually sort itself out. I went and filled up and of course the Miles to Empty was way wrong. Not sure why this happened, but it did.
  8. My 4-day old new Maverick hit by a driver who ran a light. Will this be totaled?

    Man that makes my heart hurt! Hopefully it's not totaled so you can get it fixed. These trucks do have a pretty low threshold for totaling. Good glad, glad you are okay.
  9. Returning my Maverick tomorrow

    He created an account just to post that he was returning his Maverick within 24 hours. Then gave several lame reasons that no one else has experienced. When asked several questions he's refused to provide additional information. Nothing on these forums impacts any of us personally, but some...
  10. 2023 Maverick Emissions Recall 23E09 (Air/Fuel Enrichment Calibration) - New Vehicle Delivery Hold

    I had mine done on Friday. I kept going by the web site which said no remedy was available. Haven't been on the forum in a while and found out I could have done this months ago. It definitely made a difference in the smoothness of the engine and the brakes. I would occasionally have some...
  11. Lasfit Confusion

    It's a good question. I heard some say it has a slightly different socket. It also has the signature LED lighting in the rear that the XL and XLT don't have. None of it makes sense to me.
  12. Returning my Maverick tomorrow

    I don't know if its a troll post, but I will say my experiencing driving my 2023 Hybrid Lariat and prior to that 2022 Hybrid Lariat do not match even remotely with anything he is saying. From my perspective of driving these Mavs for the last 2 year I got to call BS.
  13. Lasfit Confusion

    Just for clarification sake, the recall impacts the rear originally sold LED rear/brake/turn signal bulb WT21W/7W . The newer version T3-4257R resolves the dash hyperflash on the XL and XLT, but NOT the Lariat.
  14. Confirmed FORScan Hyperflash fix - post recall

    I highly doubt if you got in an accident that anyone is going to plug in the module to check to see if you disabled the bulb out notifications.
  15. Hyperflashing with lasfits led lights after the Ford turn signal recall fix???

    Figures the Lariat would somehow be different so no fix. My dealer won't do the recall unless I specifically ask them too. They don't seem to ever look this stuff up when I do oil changes. I will hold out until hopefully there is a bulb that will work.
  16. Lasfit Confusion

    I haven't had it done yet and I am going to hold off based on the information in this thread as I have a Lariat. My dealer will not do that recall unless I specifically ask them to.
  17. SHADOW BLACK Maverick Photos / Club

    I miss my shadow black Maverick, but I darn sure don't miss the cleaning. I just takes a toll on you after awhile that you absolutely cannot keep it clean no matter what. I really didn't want Oxford White, but I have no such issues with it. So, I am content. But many when the shadow black is...
  18. New 2023 Maverick XLT with Ford Co-Pilot 360 Not Working ?

    Unfortunately, you have what you paid for as you didn't pay for the extra $750 for the 360 assist which has all the items you are looking for. So many that ordered didn't realize that Ford made this change from 2022 to 2023.
  19. OXFORD WHITE Maverick Photos / Club

    That is sweet with the BAP! :)
  20. How long do you plan to keep your Maverick?

    I plan to keep mine for a very long time. We shall see how it does. Taking her in for her first oil change today.