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  1. New week 11/13 -

    Will there be scheduling this week?
  2. NJ Forscan users

    I have my Little Blue Truck (AWD, 4K tow and CoPilot) a few days and I’m slightly annoyed with having to put in in ECO mode every single time I start it. Anyone nearby that can use Forscan to have it default to ECO mode. I’m a little too old to start trying to learn new tricks. I’m willing to...
  3. Build day and Modules lighting up

    My build day is today, I’ve had my window sticker since 10/25. Anyone have an idea how long after your build day, the Modules go online? Also, any way to tell if they actually started the build? Thanks.
  4. All ‘23 Lariat Ecoboost must be AWD

    Ford Authority says all ‘23 Lariat must be AWD, no longer FWD…. I think this is going to help with production, pretty sure that means all Stock Lariats Ecoboost will be AWD.
  5. Why not all MY22 not completed

    Just sitting here thinking that with all of the VIN numbers, hence the build dates given in the last few weeks, most ordered with LUX and CoPilot, I’m honestly wondering if Ford just can’t make all those vehicles and needs to get the MY24 up and running? I really believe that Ford just said...
  6. Is XLT with Sirius XM in dash possible?

    I have a build date for my XLT AWD w/lux package scheduled for Week of October 3 and would love to keep my Sirius “Lifetime” subscription switched to my Maverick. I know I can get a Sirius add-on, but I’m hoping someone found a way to get it included with the radio in the dash. I’m aware it has...
  7. Buying a Ridgeline… changing my XLT AWD to XL Hybrid

    I was going to keep my 18 RAV4 hybrid and ordered Maverick XLT AWD Lux w/ CP360 in September. Thinking now that Ford screwed up that plan, so instead I’ll trade the RAV4 in on a new Ridgeline and flip my Ford Maverick to a base XL hybrid. I’ll have the truck I want and the hybrid mini truck for...
  8. Any September Ecoboost with Lux and Co-Pilot with build date?

    My September 18th order of Ecoboost AWD Lux package and Co-Pilot sits at Priority 02… but nothing from Ford…. Anyone with this September build have a VIN yet… trying to get my hopes up!
  9. Will this mean chips are only going to $$$$ Ford Stock orders.

    I’m wondering if Ford will send all the chips to build dealer stock orders of other models rather than true Maverick/ Bronco customer orders?
  10. Well I ordered my Edsel

    Well, I ordered my Edsel… I mean Maverick in September and still have no build date. Ford engineering did a great job taking parts of other vehicles and putting this truck together… unfortunately they gave it to Ford Marketing before engineering the manufacturing process. So plenty of people...
  11. Get our elected Legislators involved in MSRP hijacking by Direct purchase from Manufacturers. [CLOSED DUE TO POLITICS]

    I’m tired of these dealers screwing us with up charges. We can’t buy direct because of laws that prohibit it… so we should get our elected representatives involved. Change the Damn laws, like NJ did to allow Tesla to sell direct, or bite down hard on these dealerships taking orders and beating...
  12. X Plan in New Jersey

    I’m looking for any New Jersey Dealers accepting Fords X Plan.
  13. Wanted too much

    I ordered my XLT mid September and I wanted my truck with almost everything thing except the FX4 package. I mean I wanted AWD, Luxury Package, Co Pilot, bed lights, soft cover, Tow Package with full size spare and even ordered mud flaps… I figured that’s what I wanted.. so that’s what I...