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  1. Roof Black Paint Code for First Edition?

    I have a rock chip on the edge of my roof. Does anyone know the black paint code for First Edition roof and mirrors?
  2. Maverick could get "THUNDER" Trim Level in Canada

    Ford Maverick, Ranger, F-150 Could Get Thunder Trim Level (motor1.com) Ford Maverick, Ranger, F-150 Could Get Thunder Trim Level Thunder trademarks for Ford's three trucks were recently filed in Canada.
  3. 293 days and nights of dreaming are over now!

    It happened today; our Rapid Red First Edition Hybrid arrived. We love it! Thanks to you all and FordVideoGuy, we got it for original order price, financing, and $500 farm bureau discount. No hassle or surprises with dealer so recommend Corwin Ford of Springfield, MO. I will be posting my...
  4. Maverick has more interior room than Ranger -- article

    Really nothing new for us but more confirmation of ordering your new Mav rather than Ranger. BELIEVE IT OR NOT, THE FORD MAVERICK HAS MORE CABIN SPACE THAN THE RANGER (msn.com)
  5. Your Dealer Listings: In-Stock or In-Transit

    My dealer at Corwin Ford in Springfield, MO has 17 listings today and all are retail orders in-transit: Ecoboost: XL - 3 XLT - 1 Hybrids: XL - 1 XLT - 7 Lariat - 2 First Editions - 3
  6. Full Tank of Gas from Dealer

    In the past, I received a full tank of gas before leaving the dealer. Is this still a common practice of dealers today?
  7. KBB Review: Maverick vs Ranger

    2022 Ford Maverick vs. 2022 Ford Ranger Comparison | Kelley Blue Book (kbb.com) 2022 Ford Maverick vs. 2022 Ford Ranger Comparison 11/16/2021 10:00am The choices for a less-than-full-size Ford pickup just doubled. Thanks to the new 2022 Ford Maverick and 2022 Ford Ranger, you now have two...
  8. Dealer Already Advertising Hybrid

    Dealer already advertising a hybrid at Don Vance Ford in Marshfield, MO even not OKTB or ship while many retail orders have not be scheduled or shipped. Ford Vehicle Inventory - Marshfield Ford dealer in Marshfield MO - New and Used Ford dealership Jopin St. Robert Branson MO (donvance-ford.com)
  9. Lack of retail production for First Edition and Hybrid Maverick

    FORD needs to stand up on their promotion/media announcement of hybrid. Seems that Ecoboost is getting more focus than hybrid. Show me the production schedule for retail hybrids before any dealer allocations. And show us the window sticker for hybrid???
  10. Maverick Graphics Decals from Vortex Signs

    Not promoting but just found this website: https://www.vortexsigns.com/car-decals/ford/ford-maverick 2022! Ford Maverick graphics decals stickers exterior accessories (vortexsigns.com)
  11. Maverick NOT available for $1,000 bonus cash offer

    Received this in email from Midwest Ford Dealers today. In the past, the Maverick wasn't listed either way but what a bummer for me or us!
  12. Is FordPass Rewards Visa Card worth getting before purchase of Maverick???

    I do all of my maintenance especially oil changes, air filters, fluid levels and tire rotations in my shop. Of course, if I can get done free with points then why do it at home. I wish FORD offered free oil changes for at least the first year. Don't know how hard is it going to be to change...
  13. Ford Financing options removed from build site

    Ford is no longer showing the 0% for 36 months plus the other percentages by month on the build site, originally was thru 7/6/21 but extended thru 9/30/21. Now just shows 5% interest for all months of financing???
  14. Android Auto gadget to wireless

    Smart, Pocket-Size Gadget Lets You Enjoy Android Auto Wirelessly - autoevolution FYI, not recommending but options for us ordering new Maverick's with Sync 3. I'm sure other devices are out there or more coming. I will wait to buy one when I finally receive my new Maverick. Still hoping...
  15. Long McArthur Ford Video Guy Live Video at 6PM Central

    Watch the Ford Video Guy this evening on Youtube giving updates on FWD tow package and other Maverick updates
  16. Proof That Tonneau Cover + Bed Extender Combination Possible on 2022 Maverick

    Picture proves that you can have both tonneau cover and bed extender. Per @Pogeegitz who took this image: I took the pics of that, and asked Steve the Ford rep about it. He said that there's no functional reason you can't have a tonneau cover and bed extender, just that for whatever reason...
  17. Rapid Red First Edition Club

    Please post updates on your build from FORD on Scheduled for Production, Built and Shipped. I ordered mine on 7/5/21 with a priority of 19.
  18. Data Dots

    Wanting input on Data Dots. Dealers around here wanting to add Data Dots (VIN theft protection) for $299 when Maverick arrives. My insurance does give a discount for them.
  19. Where is the exhaust tailpipe and fuel tank located?

    Where is the tailpipe and fuel tank located? Any pics of undercarriage??? Also wonder if any undercoating from factory???