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  1. New car smell irritating anyone else?

    Is the Ford new car smell/chemicals irritating or messing with anyone else? After riding in my Maverick for 15 or more mins, it almost feels like you can taste the chemical offgassing within the Mav. Unless there is a problem in mine? *Note: I do have bad allergies.
  2. Bigger lift? 4" lift kit?

    I know it's not a typical truck, but do you see a 4 inch lift ever coming out or probably not?
  3. Official Jan 2022 snow thread

    Not sure if there is a Maverick snow thread but.. add your pics. Went out in the Mav today, had a lot of snow on her when I cleared it off so i threw it in the bed for weight and rolled out. The stock Pirellis and the awd did amazing, no issues at all.
  4. Would you Flip your Mav?

    Assuming you already own another working vehicle, would you flip your Mav for a profit? Scenario: I bought my MAV @ Chapman 4% under invoice. I went to the parts department at the local dealer, and while I was waiting the used manager came up and said they would give me 2k over MSRP if I sold my...
  5. Ecoboost sound

    What are your thoughts on how the Ecoboost sounds from the factory? First few days it was ok, now I'm ready to find a way to change the exhaust sound.
  6. Picked it up! CG 2.0 AWD FX4

    Sorry for the bad pics, very excited to have the truck. Decent power, decent ride, handles like my old GTI, perfect size as a commuter. Dealer honored the 4% off invoice, no BS, no games. Also, I got the spray in liner, and it doesn't seem like I got the same crappy job in the corner of the...
  7. Mavericks @ Jerry's Ford - Leesburg, VA

    So I stopped by today to see if I could fit in the Maverick, which to my disappointment it looks like it might not work out. However, while I was there they got two Area 51s, in and already had a Black lariat. The dealer said the black lariat, and the Area 51 XLT were not spoken for. Not sure...
  8. Anyone reconsidering their order / purchase?

    I love the idea of the Maverick, but I'm starting to think it might be too small, especially for the price of a Lariat 2.0 FX4.