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  1. 6 Month review of my 2022 Maverick Hybrid: met my needs 100%

    I'm getting right at 36mpg on my new maverick. It has 2600 miles on it. Got it in Sept. My commute is 31 miles one way. Most of it is interstate. Wind is a big issue in Oklahoma so typically my commute home yields worse gas mileage because wind is usually worse in the afternoon or early...
  2. October Hybrid Orders United

    Congratulations!!! Pictures soon brother! Hope you love it
  3. October Hybrid Orders United

    congrats my friend!!! Enjoy!
  4. MPG in Highway at > 70?

    I commute 60 miles per day and I typically get around 36-38 mpg. I typically drive 72-75mph most of it is hwy miles. Usually have 3-5 miles per trip that is electric only. I am still breaking in my hybrid since it only has 2000 miles on it.
  5. SSM posted for Hybrid Maverick brake problem: Brakes Grab During Light Braking When Applied At OrBelow 6.2 Mph (10 Km/h) -- 10/21/22

    Mine did it this morning at very low speed too. Kinda scared me cause it felt like I hit a dog or something. It has happened a few times always either in a parking lot or pulling into my garage.
  6. October Hybrid Orders United

    Yes! ordered Oct 5th received Sept 18th or something like that.
  7. October Hybrid Orders United

    You have not been real lucky with your Mav order. You will either be super pissed or super happy once youre finally sitting behind the wheel. I hope you see it soon!! Youve waited plenty long enough.
  8. Any early August build dates “built” or “shipped” status yet?

    It's about darn time. I thought you would get yours before I got mine but that obviously has not been the case. Glad to see it's finally happening for you. Don't forget to send some pics!!!
  9. October Hybrid Orders United

    I think you're right. Mine was built around 8/24 ish so I am lucky it was shipped quickly and I received it middle of Sept. I don't know if the hitch or something else was holding others up or just what.
  10. October Hybrid Orders United

    You definitely have waited a long time. I hope you get it very soon. The wait sucks!!!
  11. October Hybrid Orders United

    I;m thankful my dealer went and got mine. I'm sure that took a couple weeks off my delivery. OKC is only 2 hours away but to wait on a truck seems to take forever.
  12. Auto High Beams is a great feature

    Mine is XLT without Lux package and I do have it as well.
  13. Finally got my Maverick yesterday. 13.5 months after ordering it. $1300 more then i thought as Ford raised the price.

    You should have price protection and the interest rate at time you placed the order. For example, my sticker says 25,600 but the amount I paid was 24,400 because that was the agreement when I placed the order. Ford will reimburse the dealership for the difference. I also got zero percent...
  14. OXFORD WHITE Maverick Photos / Club

    Yep, I used the Gyeon Pure EVO. 88 bucks!
  15. October Hybrid Orders United

    Nice!! Congrats, truck looks awesome!
  16. August Build Date Shipping Update

    Mine made it to OKC rail yard and then my dealer went and got it so it wouldn't sit there for 2 weeks before a truck could pick it up. That sped up the delivery probably by several weeks. I live 2 hours West of OKC.
  17. OXFORD WHITE Maverick Photos / Club

    Thank you! Glad yours is getting close. That is exciting for sure!! You will love it
  18. OXFORD WHITE Maverick Photos / Club

    This truck has exceeded my expectations. Nice ride, quiet, and excellent fuel economy. Put a ceramic coating on this weekend. I have 400 miles on it so far. Great truck and worth the wait.