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  1. Do AT&T Unlimited Data Users Actually Get HBO Max Free?

    I signed up for unlimited data for my Maverick (As long as I burn 1.5GB of data while driving it pays for itself, and I'm on track to do a lot more than that). On my AT&T account page I have this. But I have yet to receive and email. Is this actually offered? Seems like a bit much for 16.60 a...
  2. Weird Shipping Email

    So I just got an email telling me a package is being sent to me. Tracking number and everything. Its from truck-hero, and it had links to an extang email adress. Problem is I never ordered from them I did order from realtruck.com. and I did order a Gator bed cover. So is this just a case of...
  3. Maverick Hybrid EPA Rating Released [Imagined 😉]

    Just as some predicted, it must have been too good to be true for the EPA to accept without additional testing!
  4. Sources for details on Hybrid Engine (request)

    Is there any good documentation on the 2.5L engine? I was reading the manual and I noticed it doesn't have a picture for the drive belt routing like it does for the 2.0L engine. I assume that's because the 2.5L has a drive chain that's not expected to be maintained by the driver, which is great...