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  1. 2025 Hybrid AWD Maverick spied photos confirmation! 📸

    What’s the price point though? If it’s 40k then not worth it to me. I’ll keep my FWD hybrid
  2. Battery dead why?

    I too parked my Maverick at the airport from Thursday to Sunday. The truck started up just fine. Prior to this I had 2 deep sleep warnings a year ago where remote start did not work and messages popped up on Ford Pass app. I unplugged my dash cam and charger prior to leaving it. Not sure if that...
  3. You know some people just wanna be a d**k

    I don't need to have a case and neither this has anything to do with legality. There is half of the parking lot with plenty of parking spaces to use. It's social ettiquette not to dick on someone's personal space like that. Think if YOU or YOUR wife was disabled and had to get into the back...
  4. You know some people just wanna be a d**k

    Must be the iphone 15 i got. Next time I'll use a better camera just for you.
  5. You know some people just wanna be a d**k

    Wifey on the other side with the baby.
  6. You know some people just wanna be a d**k

    I purposely parked in no man’s land so I wouldn’t be next to anyone. Plus I got a baby to put in the back seat on the passenger side. Came out and saw this d**k face pulled up as I’m walking to my truck. Had to squeeze in to put the baby in the back seat while he was on the phone texting. I’m so...
  7. New recall: tail lights may not light up on 2022-2024 Maverick (5/1/24)

    I got an email from ford saying I must get the software update to fix the instrument cluster recall. I’m afraid to have a dead Truck after the recall. So I think I will wait this one out.
  8. Break in maintanance

    maintenance is simple on the hybrid. Diy if you have the time.
  9. Can this be patched or need a new tire?

    All patched up today and good to go. Discount tires got my $$ when it time to replace the stock continental.
  10. Can this be patched or need a new tire?

    i think the nail or screw on mine is smaller. According to the tire guy its patchable.
  11. Can this be patched or need a new tire?

    They patch for free at discount tire. I'm gonna have them do it instead.
  12. There are more Maverick nowadays, definitely!

    its a cheap truck. Soon you will see them more than civics and corollas.
  13. Can this be patched or need a new tire?

    I have a true full size spare. Just like the other ones mounted. Bought it off a member who had a steelies to get rid off.
  14. Can this be patched or need a new tire?

    Got a nail today out of no where. Thank god for a full size spare. Should I get it plug or buy a used steelies tire?
  15. Ford recalls 456K vehicles due to loss of drive power (undetected low battery issue); includes 2022-2023 Maverick Ecoboost & Hybrid

    Not bringing mine in until I see evidence that other people don’t get their truck fccked up.
  16. Limp Mode Fail Strikes Again!

    i still have those recall letters from Ford and they are going right into the trash. I'm not doing any recall until this is figured out.
  17. Lasfit Customer Service Warning

    I don’t know about you but this whole LED lasfit stuff is kinda boring after awhile. I don’t mind going back to stock bulbs when these gone kaput. But so far they have proven resilient.
  18. What type of coolant do you replace with?

    no leaks whatsoever that i can notice. Not in the engine bay or under neath the truck. I'm hoping that they didn't add enough at the factory. It's one of those I wish I should have looked when taken delivery.