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  1. New Jersey Lariat Bed Rail System

    I'd like to buy the OEM Lariat bed rail system. Anyone willing to part with theirs? Located in New Jersey.
  2. New Jersey Lariat Bed Rails

    Anyone want to part with Lariat Bed Rails for the inside of the truck bed? Please lol
  3. New Jersey Please delete

    Please delete
  4. Is It Worth It?

    Sorry if this has been talked about already. I have a '22 Hybrid XLT. Wondering if it is worth it to put an order in for a similar '23. Then sell the '22? Carvana has Maverick at over $30k right now. Do we think those prices will last by the time the '23s starting rolling in?
  5. $100 Automatic Ford Pass Rewards Visa Credit?

    Just signed in to my For Pass Visa Rewards Credit Card. So far I have only used it to put the max $3,000 allowed as a down payment for the purchase of my Maverick. Interested what this $100 credit is.
  6. What is this bedrail?

    I got this picture from a member here. I would like these bed rails. Is this only available for Lariat? I do not see the options anywhere.
  7. Tow Hitch Options

    Just received my hybrid. This is my first tuck and looking into hitches. I will probably do some light towing light furniture and motorcycles and need a hitch. I know things like height and drop of the hitch come into play but the maverick is so low as wondering what people think. I was also...
  8. Is this considered a dealer markup?

    Stopped by the dealership I ordered my Maverick from yesterday to get an idea if they do markups. I was told via text message that this dealership does NOT have markups. But after looking at their website I am starting to get weary. Here is a picture and link to their site...
  9. 1/31 Build date moved to 2/7

    As the title states. Did this happen to anyone else?
  10. Ford Pass Remote Start?

    I would like some clarification. Can the XLT Hybrid use Ford Pass to remote start? Or is it the Lux model? I would love to schedule remote starts when my Maverick arrives.
  11. Can No Longer Track Order!!

    I received an email this past Thursday and have a build date of 1/31. Now when I go to track my order nothing comes up. The page essentially refreshes and asks me to put in my vin and order #s again. Anyone else have this problem? Is it something I should be worried about?