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  1. Would it be unwise to add FX package to my 2023 order?

    I ordered and placed my order this morning but am wondering if I should have added the fx off road package. If I call the dealership tomorrow would that be a bad idea to add that to the order or best to leave it be in hopes of getting it sometime next year. Thanks for the insight.
  2. Can Forscan increase brightness in display?

    Can anyone see if forscan can increase the touchscreen brightness in the Maverick. The brightness in the display is just awful when sun is shining. XLT and brightness is all the way up.
  3. Does anyone have a parts catalog for the Maverick?

    I might be able to get a AWD maverick but it doesn't have the luxury package and I wanted the plug with led light in the bed. My hope is I could purchase the part and install it myself. Not sure if I would also need an inverter for it to work tho.
  4. If I ordered an Eco boost Maverick Today?

    If I ordered an Eco boost Maverick Today what timeframe would I expect to receive said truck? Is a moonroof a constraint option?
  5. FITS 3D Printed Cup Holder

    Only took 9hrs to print. I am currently trying out an orange version. If only I had a Maverick to put it in…