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  1. Is it possible to black out the Lariat headlights using the DIY BAP method?

    Nada, huh? Tempted to try it out myself. If I do, I’ll post what I find here. I don’t imagine the LED element is permanently attached - it’s probably held in with clips for ease of manufacture but that’s just a guess.
  2. JJC grill brackets with Hella 500 LEDs

    I’m in for one too.
  3. Is it possible to black out the Lariat headlights using the DIY BAP method?

    I am looking to remove the chrome from my headlight housings, only trouble is I have a Lariat, so the LED DRLs are giving me pause. Has anyone successfully removed the LED element and used Zep to strip the chrome off? I don't want to damage anything, but I also don't want to drop $2000 on...
  4. Low MPG on my fx4s (winter time)

    I've been getting 16mpg average for months. 245/65 wildpeak trails on an FX4 w/ 4K and eco mode driven gingerly. My rear brake pads are already a third of the way worn at 14000 miles according to the dealer so there's a chance they're dragging, but the dealer already told me there was no issue...
  5. Loaded Lariat No Front Sensors

    I think OP is talking about front parking sensors, not radar cruise. I agree, it’s a pretty glaring omission, but thankfully the truck is small enough that it’s never really presented an issue to me.
  6. Real world fuel mileage MPG results by 2.0 EcoBoost owners - check in here

    Man, my mileage is crap... I have an FX4 4K Lariat with eco mode added with forscan , and I am getting a 20.5 average over an entire tank driven gingerly in eco mode, 50/50 freeway, city. I have 245/60/17 Wildpeak Trails, but they're properly inflated (if a touch high), and I am still going...
  7. Western Washington

    Mine is estimated to be here between the 27th and the 3rd. That's a bummer :/ there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to how these things are scheduled. That said, you could try contacting your dealer or Ford support and try to determine if the tracker just isn't updated (happened to me).
  8. Western Washington

    Anyone else have their truck show up in Portland this morning? Fingers crossed it's on a carrier before next week!
  9. Western Washington Ford Dealers Thread

    Bellingham Ford is great so far. I've been working with Marty Walker on my order, and he's been a straight shooter the entire time. He was honest with the supply chain issues and set expectations appropriately. As a plus, he is also a Maverick owner! Perks of the job, I guess :)
  10. [Update: Tentative Deal Reached 9/15 to Avoid Rail Strike] Railroad Strike!!!!!

    I’ve waited this long already, what’s another delay to me? Hope they get what they are owed from the rail companies - labor gets the goods!
  11. Poorly Executed Door Design

    Well this thread took a turn
  12. Poorly Executed Door Design

    They could have made it fit the industry standard nalgene and still had room for a regular door pocket.
  13. My tracker page not showing some options

    Be thankful you can even get the tracker to load... Which raises another question -- How the heck are y'all getting the tracker to work at all? Mine works maybe 1 out of 20 times trying to load it. It's not a browser issue, I've repro'd it with every major browser with and without extensions...
  14. Ford Maverick Tremor Spied Fully Revealed! 📸

    Yeah, that one looks like the old display. The previous one we saw rolling around had a full edge to edge display, or at least it really looked like it.
  15. Ford Maverick Tremor Spied Fully Revealed! 📸

    No one notice that it looks like they added a wider screen and nuked the cubby?
  16. Has Anyone Else Encountered This? (Pet related issue in Maverick)

    How has the interior held up to scratches from dog nails? My dogs have absolute talons (rescues, we are working on getting the quick to recede!)
  17. 📸 Spotted: Mystery New Maverick Model With High Clearance Off-Road Bumper and Tires

    I don't know if anyone has pointed this out, but I am 99% sure that this truck has the twin clutch differential from the more capable Bronco Sport Badlands. You can tell because that diff has a shrouded drain plug off to the right when viewed from the rear, and the drain plug on the standard...
  18. Sound deadening material applied to doors and back wall

    I’m sorry, you did what now?