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  1. Battery dead why?

    You are 100% correct. After 2 years of a degrading battery, I installed an AGM battery and charge the charge level to 95%. I have no problems for a few months now and anticipate no more issues with the battery down the road.
  2. 24S24/24V267 BCM/PCM (the one where auto start-stop fails to restart your car) Recall On Hold

    Both the 24S24 and 24S27 recalls were reinstated last Friday, 5/24/2024.
  3. What's up with the Extended Warranty?

    I bought an extended warranty because I keep our vehicles for 10 years. I have been a Mazda man since 1992 and have had very little repair work. However, since the Maverick was built by Ford, I bought an extended warranty based on reliability reports on Ford products.
  4. 24S27 tail lights recall complete, things to know

    Tire Pressure Monitoring System.
  5. People are just Ignorant

    I just call it laziness...
  6. Personalized / vanity license plate for your Maverick??

    As far as I can see, the new app has the same information as the old app...it is just arranged differently. One service record missing on the old app is now showing in the new app for me.
  7. 24S27 tail lights recall complete, things to know

    It should only take 15 minutes...7 hours is crazy!
  8. Ecoboost random dead battery

    It is doing great...no issues whatsoever!!
  9. Hybrid AWD Rumors.....TRUE!?

    If the towing for the hybrid AWD is less than 4000 pounds, no thank you. Plus my confidence in the hybrid platform (with Ford) has been shaken after reading about the issues and recalls on this forum...
  10. Dealer said wipers are only good for 6 months.

    I really like my OEM wiper blades. I have had them now for 2.5 years with no issues. In the past, I have tried other brands, such as Rain Guard. They only last 6-12 months for me.
  11. Auto Start/Stop not working

    For most ECO Mav owners, the solution is to buy a non-Ford AGM battery, do the BMS reset, and change the battery charge level to 95% with ForScan. I did this a few months ago and I have not experienced any issues with A/S/S.
  12. Auto start/stop fix ?

    I changed my battery charge level to 95% with ForScan. I also installed an AGM battery. This solved my battery issues.
  13. Auto stop start

    Back to the original question by the OP, this winter I also had problems with a/s/s. I got tired charging the battery every few days. I finally bought and installed an Interstate AGM battery, reset the BMS, and charged the battery charge level to 95% with ForScan. No problems since I made this...
  14. Low battery warning...on an EcoBoost

    Welcome to the club who experience battery issues. After 2 years of this nonsense, I replaced my battery with an Interstate AGM battery, reset the BMS and changed the charge level from 80% to 95% with ForScan. So far, no more battery issues (knock on wood) for the past 3 months.
  15. Deep Sleep Mode - CURED!! Battery Replacement

    First, you need a non-Ford AGM battery with a greater capacity to help solve the deep sleep mode. Other things, such as changing the charge level of 80% to 95% would also help.
  16. Deep Sleep Mode - CURED!! Battery Replacement

    I am glad that your battery was replaced...which battery was installed (brand, capacity and type)? Most Mav owners have replaced their battery with an AGM battery, non-Ford brand and with a grater capacity.
  17. Deep Sleep happned again

    I agree with you. Ford will never acknowledge their batteries are defective and insufficient capacity. I bought an AGM battery to solve my problems.
  18. Is your Maverick Rusting?

    No rust on body panels with 3 winters.