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  1. What Are You Doing to Your Maverick This Spring/Summer?

    Moving to Ohio in June. I plan on tinting the front windows, and adding a subwoofer behind the rear seat. If the house sells as well as I hope, maybe get the bed liner sprayed in.
  2. Sorry youngsters, I had to go old school Maverick build!

    Nice! I love the chrome over the black any day.
  3. Went old school…. Maverick build on chrome wheels

    Nice. Looks real sharp.
  4. What's your Maverick mileage and ownership time?

    '23 Hybrid XLT HPR 6 months ownership 4650 miles
  5. 1000 miles, a few thoughts and a few add-ons

    If you are referring to the vinyl star wars text, I found Pieman Graphics on Etsy. The text is a matte black. The other vinyl decals came from Kamino Creations also on Etsy. Those are matte black, but have a sparkle to them. Honestly I don't mind.
  6. 1000 miles, a few thoughts and a few add-ons

    I rolled over 1k miles the other day so I thought I would put my opinion out there, along with some updated photos. I like seeing what everyone else has done, so here goes. Let me start by saying that I've been driving the same '01 Ranger for the last 20 years, so this is quite an improvement...
  7. Miles on truck at delivery

    Eight, I test drove it and added another 6.
  8. The stock audio system is great, actually. Here's why.

    I agree. With some adjusting, I think the Maverick sounds good. It's not awesome, but it's 10x better than my old Elantra. It's definitely louder, but I do hear some vibration in the site panels when it goes to 11.
  9. Horkchop

    East Colorado Mavs

    Hello everybody. I'm a new Maverick owner in Aurora. I've been enjoying my new ride, up and down the front range for the past 5 days. I love this little red truck. I saw a couple other Mavs in Estes Park this weekend.
  10. My Hybrid finally arrived

    After 696 days (23 months), and I finally have my Maverick! What a pain to have to wait so long. Even my dad started telling me to give up and look for something else. My 2001 Ranger had been limping along for the last 2 years, and I started driving my wife's old Elantra to work, because I was...
  11. Dealers keep calling me about available Mavericks (Denver metro area)

    There have been at least 2 on the lot for the last 4 months by my house in Aurora. They may sit for a week or two till they sell, then a couple more shows up. No hybrids. Mostly base models with a 5K markup. This week has the first cyber orange. I'm still holding out for my red XLT.
  12. My patience is running thin

    I ordered in Nov of '21 and I finally received my build date for Sept 4th, after waiting 20 months. If the process flows like what I've read. I may have it by October, almost 2 years. If you really want one, hang in there.
  13. ETA 700 Days

    My hybrid XLT with LUX package was ordered mid November of 2021, the last week to order a hybrid. I just received a message from my dealer that a build date of 9/4 has been set. If it takes a week to build and a month to ship (if I'm lucky), I'll be looking at damn near 700 days from order to...
  14. Ford cannot fill all the orders for 2023

    Here's my surprised look. 😒 515 days and still nothing. I just get told "your order is still good". Hpr Xlt hybrid with lux package.
  15. Hot damn!!!

    Lucky you. I ordered the exact same thing, November of '21...still waiting.
  16. Installed my new interior trim kit today (Muslogy)

    I think that black wood grain is the best looking option for that trim kit. Subtle, but still effective. I might have to put these on mine, if it ever gets built.
  17. Added Tremor gold accents inside my Maverick Tremor

    Great idea, nice job! I'm always looking for unique ideas to modify mine. I'm not sure Hot Pepper Red will look good with the blue/gray interior though.
  18. After 111 Days - Six Impressions of my Hybrid XLT

    I ordered my XLT Hybrid in November of 21, I'd like some of that luck you have getting yours, so I may see mine soon.