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  1. One year of ownership and not one sing issue, a unicorn?

    After 11 months my Tremor has not gave me a single problem still looks brand new rides great I'm extremely happy with my purchase 😃
  2. ****BAP package18” wheels for SALE****

    LMAO waste of a post. 2000$ your just crazy, not worth more that 1000$ for all 4 rims. Remember there used. Idc if they look new there not
  3. Gas consumption question

    I know for a fact these engines get more hp with better gas. With 87 your lucky to get 215-220 hp with 93 your at 250. IMO that's not wasted.
  4. Alright, how many of you do this?

    I'll admit it I do it too.
  5. Harsh sound from front speakers with B&O system

    Sounds like warranty work, I can crank mine to 30 and it sounds crystal clear
  6. My Black Mav

    black looks best IMO but I'm biased
  7. Tremor RBG Colour Code

    H8 electric spice ford patent color not sure if that helps
  8. Maverick Hybrid featured in new Ford ad "Starting Line"

    They couldn't make enough of them to justify commercials, no point in having more people show up to lots asking for mavericks if there are none to be found
  9. What's your Maverick mileage and ownership time?

    4600 miles in 9 months, I'm disabled though my last vehicle was a focus ST, I put roughly 28000 miles on it in 5 years mostly because it was a blast to drive.
  10. I’m dreaming of Ford offering a six speed manual with my 2.0 eco-boost Maverick…

    I previously had a 2018 focus ST with this same engine and a six speed, it a extremely fun combo.
  11. Took Delivery of My Maverick Tremor

    The site I got mine from is closed now. But there are other places you can find em, just Google tailgate lettering Tremor orange maverick...
  12. Took Delivery of My Maverick Tremor

    You can also find tailgate lettering in Tremor Orange
  13. is the Maverick holding its value?

    I just KBB my Lariat Tremor paid 37 k. Quoted me at 37 k.
  14. Lost Maverick Features

    Life must be really rough, a new vehicle in 22 23 and 24. Tough times were in
  15. Maverick pickup with most miles?

    The ones at uhaul probably have the most