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  1. Maiden Off-road Adventure in my Tremor Maverick

    Did you start from the Alpine loop? I live in Salt Lake and didn’t know that road was there.
  2. Maverick turning on in REVERSE!!!

    On the Facebook group "Ford Maverick Owners (2022+)" there is a report from multiple people that their Maverick is turning on in Reverse, meaning that the dial indicates it is in Reverse and you can't do anything (can't start it) until you put it into park. Some report this only shows on the...
  3. Added Tremor gold accents inside my Maverick Tremor

    Problems is that all the Tremor GOLD colors are a little different. Ford wasn’t so careful at coordinating them. I’ve scanned pictures of 5 different gold highlights and have 5 slightly different color numbers for them. Here’s what I have got: R G B Stitch 255 207 80 Hook 240 146 20...
  4. Added Tremor gold accents inside my Maverick Tremor

    Do you have RGB or CMYK color numbers?
  5. MilesPerHr XLT Tremor review

    He did mistate that it has a 4.2” display. No, it’s the 6.5” display.
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    My first Tremor tank full produced about 21 MPG. That’s at an altitude of 5000 feet, a lot of ideling sitting in the truck playing with controls and plenty of stop & go.
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    What’s your altitude? It makes a difference.
  8. My new Atlas Blue Tremor Maverick …fn awesome!!

    I predict sooner than that. The Tremors were under ordered so they should fulfill orders sooner than later. How big is your dealer? Their allocation might have the most to due with timing.
  9. Inexpensive Accessories/Upgrades -Tremor

    This is what the gold valve caps look like against the Tremor highlight.
  10. One Touch Window Down feature - retroactive install?

    I believe the Maverick has a two stage button, if you press it just a short ways down it only moves till you let up, if you press it all the way down and then let up it does the full down. You can feel that little bump in button force about half way down, at least that’s been my experience...
  11. Tremor Orange/Black Tailgate Letters?

  12. Tremor tailgate lettering

    I think this Gold may be actually closer than the orange you can get in lettering: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09VBJZ59Q
  13. Tremor tailgate lettering

    Now that I have my Tremor the highlights are really closer to gold than orange. A straight orange just doesn’t match. It’s really a yellow gold with just a hint of orange. Edit: the front trim is metallic.
  14. Inexpensive Accessories/Upgrades -Tremor

    Here’s what I’ve bought so far! Don’t know if I’ll use them all. Let me know if you’d like a picture of anything. https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/3MZ6O42EG5EU8?ref_=wl_share
  15. 2023 Maverick Order Guide [PDF] is Here!

    XLT is just Black Onyx denim while the Lariat is Active X (leather like) material. The XLT does have Active X steering wheel and console lid. I have the Lux package so I’m not sure if some of that only comes with Lux.
  16. 💵 2023 Maverick Pricing (MSRP / Invoice) & Options Released -- Including New Black Appearance Package

    I believe it is specifically $500. It is likely only certain dealers that are linked up with Costco. Costco membership also gives you 15% off on many service charges. I was also able to get the Farm Bureau discount too which may vary from dealer to dealer. My dealer called the Costco $ a...
  17. Inexpensive Accessories/Upgrades -Tremor

    If you check Fords online status on your build you’ll learn the current status about a day before you get an email about it. That was my recent experience. It also took them a week after the build was done for it to ship. That will vary depending on how full their rail cars are when yours get done.
  18. Submitted Tremor Maverick Orders - post yours here!

    The Eagle has landed! I was pleasantly surprised that it only took 2 weeks and a day to get here! Rail Tracking didn't work at all. I got the Rail car number from the dealer but it never produced any useful information. CSX just said the car was empty and in Canada! Maybe the route was different...
  19. Real world Maverick Tremor MPG -- What's yours?

    What mix of driving conditions?
  20. Submitted Tremor Maverick Orders - post yours here!

    AND… it shipped. Big😁. A whole week after being built, they just had to drag it to the limit. One year to the day from ordering, and the dealer said it would only be 5-6 months. I’m glad it was delayed as I got to switch to the Tremor.