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  1. Latest 2024 Maverick Production Key Commodity Constraints + Total Retail Unscheduled Orders (3/18/24)

    I wonder why they still itemize lariat luxury package, since it exists on all lariats.... Or do they just mean lariats.... is it different than XLT status?
  2. Recall #24C01 - Instrument Panel Cluster IPC Illumination - 2/26/2024

    I had it happen once, and I pulled a fuse based on this forum, and the plugged back in. Worked after that and has not happened again since.
  3. Black Trim Fading

    Looks like a bad wax job... I can see wax or something in between the lariat logo and the body of the truck...
  4. 2024 Maverick Main Commit Scheduling This Week (1/25/24) for Production Weeks 3/4 - 3/25

    You won't be scheduled as they are out of the tires. So definitely won't be mid month scheduling... Hoping it will be next month for you! I know the wait sucks! It took me 14 months to get mine!
  5. 2024 Maverick Main Commit Scheduling This Week (1/25/24) for Production Weeks 3/4 - 3/25

    Sims orders are Suggested Orders sheets... it gives the dealers that have allocations left a direction on what configurations would be best to build based on current supply chain issues.
  6. instrument cluster went blank

    I just had this happen to my 3 month old truck. Pulling fuse 22 fixed this issue for me as well. Thanks for the fix forum!
  7. Do Not Neglect Essential Maintenance Items

    I think i have found my new product line to sell on amazon. I bet you there would be people that would buy it. Market it as a real gag gift ...
  8. E shifter vs dial shifter

    I personally like the dial shifter... One thing that I like is that if you pull into a driveway and stop and forget to put it in park, when you turn the car off, it automatically puts it into park for you. And I like having open access to the storage area in front of the shifter not having to...
  9. My hood inverted!

    My kids used to say this when they got older... and then I asked them... do you wipe your butt....
  10. Maverick work trucks in the wild

    This is my work truck.
  11. 5000 miles so far!

    Just turned 5000 miles today. 2 months and 9 days. Hand calculated mileage with quite a bit of highway is 35 MPG. Mostly colder weather driving. Have definitely noticed a decrease with the cold weather. Love the truck!
  12. Accessory lights

    Yes, it returns.to normal when i restart.
  13. Accessory lights

    Was wondering if my truck has in issue or if this is how it is supposed to be let me know if yours does it in comments. If i use the dash light dimming switch and turn it all the way down, the ambient accessory lights, such as door lock and windows, go totally off as expected. But when i try...
  14. Does your Hybrid Maverick engine revs up real high on down hill rides!?

    I have found this to happen OP. I change the drive type to slippery and it helps a lot.
  15. My 24 Maverick stuck in Portland since 11-26-23

    Mine was 2.5 weeks from Portland to issaquah... Good news is that it will just show up one day. They usually can tell dealer the night before
  16. Slippery mode is beneficial

    I use slippery mode when driving DOWN from the mountain passes in my Hybrid. Even when it is nice outside. I find that it doesn't regen as much, but it coasts a lot further so I get better gas mileage over all when going down long downgrades.
  17. 1 Month in review.

    Its not the mirror, but the dashcam to the fuses in glove box, and doing the door trim and making it so they have no rattles at the end.
  18. 1 Month in review.

    Yeah it does dim as well. I cant find the place I bought it from, as it was about 9 months before I got the truck. If you look in the forum here, there are several posts about it with links to where they were previously available.
  19. 1 Month in review.

    After a year and month waiting, I got my Maverick on October 3rd. Since then, I have put 3100 miles on it. Current average is 39..2 MPG Hand calculated. This includes probably about 60% Highway miles, going 70 miles an hour. As others have stated, if you keep it 60 and under, you will get...
  20. Purchased 3 All Weather Floor Mats. Review Inside

    I haven't tried any of the others, but have the Tuxmat. They fit and cover very nicely. And are easy to clean.