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  1. Short drive , massive amount of bugs on and in the grill

    what a pain especially when they are dry. Wish the grills were not as intricate, that includes around the lights, etc. O well.
  2. I thought Ford was done with a small EV pickup? [⚠️ ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

  3. Gas gauge shows full, I know it not...

    I was only down about 4 gallons when I had the tank filled at Costco, as there was not line. Since then, the gauge has continued to show full. Also, the miles till empty has increased. When the tank was filled it said 298 till empty, now it says 387. Gauge continues to show full. Owner error?
  4. Is there a "wiper mode" where the windshield wipers are easily pulled up and away from the windshield?

    In freezing weather when the vehicle is left outside I would always pull the wipers up to a vertical (almost) position to keep them from freezing to the glass. Is there a mode for that? or did I miss it?
  5. Voluntarily recall for the air/fuel enrichment calibration not functioning as intended?

    Anyone get the voluntarily recall for the air/fuel enrichment calibration not functioning as intended recall? How did that work out or you?
  6. Cybertruck, getting towed by a Ford after stuck in snow

    Street Tires in the wrong place....
  7. Plastic in your vehicle.

    About 400 lbs. is used in your truck. Plastic use in vehicles has been increasing over the years. It's cheap and can be used in many areas of a vehicle. Plastics in today's cars will still be used in car parts 20, 30 and even 40 years' time despite there being an average of 208 kilos of plastic...
  8. Side window sunscreens options?

    Are there any available? Tried Amazon Prime...advice? I did make one out of heavy card stock cardboard..want better... 99 degrees today, more on the way....
  9. stuck in Park mode.

    Couldn't find anything in search . I Let the truck sit for 15 minutes, then all ok started up. Any ideas? Happened after a 1000 trip
  10. Maverick Hybrid : massive electron spill catches fire...

    no, O.., my mistake, it was a gasoline truck https://www.cbsnews.com/philadelphia/news/i-95-philadelphia-accident-today-road-collpase-tanker-fire/
  11. This truck is forcing me to drive slow!

    It is. And I have no control over it. I keep my eyes on the road most of the time and when I don't they are on the little box, you know the one. The blue one, and I am helpless..my foot is tap dancing my way to approval..and I can't stop. " how many miles will I get out of this tank full?" "...
  12. Meaning of symbols on OEM rubber mats?

    Achtung, read manual, do not burn, and..no flasks while driving? :p
  13. Weatherproof Truck Cover

    Single car garage, wife car gets it. Anyone have a truck cover they can recommend? One that fits right...