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  1. 2024 Tremor Package Contents breakdown

    This is just a marketing list not a engineering list. The larger screen in the cluster is also not listed, as are many other items.
  2. JCR engine, felt, and gas tank skid plates

    It may be a kit for a tremor . The tremor come with an evap skid plate from the factory so a swap may not be needed on the tremor. Could you post some more photos of the front skid. It maybe a bronco sport skid plate. Did you get the rock rails? Did you get the cat skid plate? Can you post...
  3. XLT Tremor Instrument Panel

    I have a 23 XLT Tremor. It has the larger screen. The bigger screen is used because of the off road information that is displayed.
  4. How To: Maverick Tremor PTU oil change

    A lot of the posts for the Focus RS talk about using 75w-140.
  5. How To: Maverick Tremor PTU oil change

    The PTU and RDU drain plugs maybe swapped on this list. When I changed my PTU oil I reused the plug but I have ordered new drain/fill plugs and I will see what fits next oil change.
  6. Foggy Windy day on the mountain

    I have a knock off bed mat and it has worked well, i would guess the ford would be better. I have a hard trifold bed cover and it is great. There are lots of options now. Someone should make a post listing all the bed cover options. I recommend a bed cover.
  7. Need recommendations on a lift kit.

    The Tires look good at that size. Where do they rub, maybe a little trimming would fit it? The Tremor has stronger CV's and lower gears than most Mavericks. So far I have only seen posts about CV problems on Non-tremors. There is one guy running 33" on his Tremor and he really is taking it off...
  8. Love Mine....what a PITA to find...so here's mine

    JCR makes rock slides that tuck up closer to the truck and may give you the same protection. https://www.jcroffroad.com/product/MVSD-SL-1G.html
  9. Question: 23MY Avalanche Gray Vs. 24MY Terrain Color Value

    If only a few of a color is made but no one wants it that will not help your price. For other cars, the bright colors bring the price up. Not many people buy a bright orange car new but there is a lot more demand in the used market. People who buy new cars are more conservative I guess?
  10. Biggest tires for TREMOR

    As people have more time to do upgrades we will see more big tire Tremors. The Maverick is light for a truck, that should help it off-road a lot.
  11. Tremor suspension specs

    I would be more interested in knowing how the programming is different. With so many things being computer controlled it can totally change how something drives.
  12. Off-roading with Maverick Tremor at Hidden Falls Adventure Park

    The bronco sport got a front camera as an option. I wish we got the camera too. I would guess the infotainment system in the maverick is too basic to do two cameras. But when ever Ford does a refresh on the maverick I would guess it will get a front or even 360 camera system.
  13. Maverick Tremor in the Dunes at Superstition Mountain

    The bumper should have come cut down from the factory. This looks good.
  14. Maverick Tremor in the Dunes at Superstition Mountain

    It is not like he is taking on the Rubicon alone. This is just some easy sand. And he is in a newer truck not something old and unreliable. I have had more flat tires on the road than in my off-roading. And in both places I did the same thing, install the spare tire. For you this may be risky...
  15. Maverick Tremor in the Dunes at Superstition Mountain

    Awesome photos. The cut bumper is a great upgrade for off roading. That looks like an interesting area.
  16. Off-roading with Maverick Tremor at Hidden Falls Adventure Park

    There are posts from people who have gotten these skid plates so they should work. Will you get the JCR rock sliders too?
  17. How To: Maverick Tremor PTU oil change

    The Ford Motorcraft oil for the rdu has the additives needed in it already. SAE 75W Disconnect Rear Drive Unit Fluid Motorcraft® SAE 75W Disconnect Rear Drive Unit Fluid is formulated with synthetic base stocks, friction modifiers, antiwear and extreme pressure additives to provide gear...
  18. Rugged Black Diamondback HD Installed

    That is an impressive looking cover. It looks like you could even stand on it, the cover is so strong.
  19. Ford recalls 456K vehicles due to loss of drive power (undetected low battery issue); includes 2022-2023 Maverick Ecoboost & Hybrid

    I think the key is to not attach it directly to the battery. The positive can be directly on the battery terminal but the negative needs to be after the current sensor. You are right to use some sort of charger, it should stop the deep sleep problem. I use this one BatteryMINDer Model 1500...