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  1. Understanding Ford Maverick Production, Scheduling, and Allocation System

    Maverick Monday Episode 15: Understanding Ford Maverick Production, Scheduling, and Allocation System
  2. Maverick Monday Episode 14

    Hauling and Towing with the Ford Maverick
  3. Maverick Monday Episode 13

    Flexbed Ideas
  4. Maverick Monday Episode 12

    Ford Co-Pilot 360 Secret on the Maverick XL
  5. Maverick Monday Episode 11

    How to Use Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Keeping System
  6. Maverick Monday Episode 10

    Which Engine is Best for You plus Drive Modes and Trail Control Explained.
  7. 2025 Ford Maverick - Changes Needed and Why Are So Many Ordering the XL

    Come join the discussion tonight. We want your input on 2025 Ford Maverick. @Ford Motor Company will be watching.
  8. Maverick Monday Episode 7

    Maverick Shopping "Know Before You Go" to the Dealer
  9. 2024 Ford Maverick below MSRP

    There are 36 Ford Mavericks for sale at Long McArthur. Ecoboost are priced $500 below MSRP and Hybrids are priced at MSRP. $495 dealer fee. https://www.long-mcarthur.com/searchnew.aspx
  10. Maverick Monday Episode 5

    How to Use the FordPass with your Ford Maverick
  11. Maverick Monday Episode 1

    Tremor information you need to know if you ordered one.
  12. Maverick Available in California

    We have a 2024 Ford Maverick XL Ecoboost available in northern California. A customer couldn't take his Maverick that was drop shipped to their dealer. We are selling it at MSRP, $26,240 (window sticker attached). The vehicle is Long McArthur's, so you would be buying it from us (all paperwork...
  13. Bed Cover on the 2024 Ford Maverick

    XLT Luxury Package and Lariat don't get to choose their bedliner.
  14. No Scheduling Today

    No scheduling today, next scheduling will be November 30th. Don't kill the messenger!
  15. "Ford Video Guy" Package