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  1. People are just Ignorant

    yep - the cost for 0 ded is very small, surprisingly.
  2. People are just Ignorant

    caught some idiot yesterday who had pulled in a parking spot opposite me and was edging closer and closer to my bumper as I was going back to my truck she kept inching closer and closer until it looked like she was actually touching my bumper, she got out of her car and I walked passed her to...
  3. pros help me please

    yep - around me my dealer has about 12 hyb Mavs in stock and half of them are base and selling at mspr at 27K or less, there definitely is more inventory out there now
  4. pros help me please

    ah, I got over that after about a week, yeah I'd prefer the old shifter too but I don't even think about it anymore.
  5. pros help me please

    Good for you, it's always better to listen to your instincts as you did. Good luck on your search, I'm sure you'll find a dealer that will get you your truck closer to MSPR (if not MSRP). When you get it, you'll love it, enjoy your weekend.
  6. pros help me please

    wow. Here's the bottom line - if they're pulling al lthis cr-- on you and treating you like some numskull who is supposed to be happy and elated at the act of crossing out options and showing you a 10K less price - go somewhere else, anywhere else, get away from those people. Not to mention IF...
  7. Can a Ford Protect Extended Warranty Help You Beat Inflation?

    I'd think at $5700 the best option is to sell your used one that might have less than a year left on the 3 year warranty and buy something new. I have an offer from my dealer Xl hybrid where they'll give me $22,500 (more than the 21,500 I paid) to upgrade to a 2024 xl hybrid at 26,500, it'd be...
  8. Hybrid AWD Rumors.....TRUE!?

    yep - with the extra gearing required it'll jump the price and that's if they can successfully wedge them in around the heat exchanger. Also adding weight to it will reduce the MPG, lump in the added decrease mpg as it'll be in AWD all the time, then consider that you're already paying $1500...
  9. Flushing my Mav and getting a Toyota

    I'm sure it does - even though my Toy was 40 massive years ago, I don't think they diverged too much from then , their basic no frills vehicles look solid and to the point - I don't need or want any whistles and bells on a vehicle I just want to be able to get from here to there reliably - the...
  10. Flushing my Mav and getting a Toyota

    best vehicle i ever had was a '83 Corolla - 200K care free miles and the only thing I had to replace (besides the normal wear and tear) was an alternator - and it was so easy to access that I was able to swap it out in 15 minutes when it was zero out. Simple basic transportation - wish those...
  11. Flushing my Mav and getting a Toyota

    yeah i can see this especially since you drive a lot and need reliability - something you absolutely get with a Toyota. I would say in closing that your local dealer that you've been taking it to ....is lousy. Obviously you're not making that stuff up, they needed to at least escalate the...
  12. 2025 Maverick Refresh / Facelift + Lobo ST Street Truck Undisguised & Revealed! (w/ Huge Display Screen)

    well the good thing is that the 24s and previous will be more in demand. Too much plastic on the front end, it overwhelms the headlights and detracts from the grill.
  13. 2025 Maverick Refresh / Facelift + Lobo ST Street Truck Undisguised & Revealed! (w/ Huge Display Screen)

    totally agree - makes it look like the panel is covering up the headlights - and there's too much of it, it detracts from what could be a good look. Likewise I like the wheels.
  14. Very Favorable Maverick Review

    eh, at $34K either of those two options are probably baked into the price, if you don't choose either of them when buying a Lariat you're likely actually losing a couple thousand bucks.
  15. CD player, cassette player and 8-track player capable 2024 Maverick XLT!

    I'd love to see the wiring harnesses and switches! I hope you used enough electrical tape .
  16. This hurts... hit just 2 months into ownership

    rightly so - he probably has not been paying insurance for a long time so he's been 'saving'$ for years and now it's time for him to pony up. Maybe he'll realize that insurance is something that he should be purchasing in the future.
  17. Maverick Hybrid Brakes Completely Ruined After Towed Behind RV

    big old motorhome isn't going to feel any resistance especially if the pressure on the brakes was constant but subtle and going at any rate of speed.
  18. Mini Spare Tire Recall. Full Size Spare Replacements

    well...if they're not smart enough to update the specs on the side of a tire then they're also not smart enough to send the right letter to the right customers. Honestly - it's pretty obvious that 'quality' is not job one and that they need to get some group together that verifies and approves...
  19. Turned the Page Today... " Goodbye Little Maverick "

    I have a 1st year Mav have 16K on it , pure xl hybrid, and honestly I have not had one problem with it except for those 'grabby brakes' that were fixed via a software upgrade, I don't think it has anything to do with being a 1st year vehicle, I jumped in as the price was outstanding and really 0...
  20. #1 reason to buy a Maverick...

    anybody have a bed in the back of their truck?