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  1. 1,000 miles on the 24XLT Eco awd. Time to let her rip.

    There’s always a break-in period. Maybe not according to the manual or the Ford mechanic, but you know all Ford wants to do is make your engine last 3 years or 36000 miles. Any turbo boost car needs that oil to be changed a lot more than recommended and that is a small price to pay for a...
  2. Anyone use this part ?????

    The No-Spill™ oil drain plug system ? https://nospillsystems.com/product/10-12175-01/ I see the ball and cock plugs and I am scared of the reliability? have had not so good luck with this type. thoughts ? Thanks
  3. It shipped!

    Awesome !! Good for you !!
  4. Adding Sport and Eco Mode on FX4 void warranty ??

    Been reading a lot and I know if you have a FX4 you are lacking Sports and Eco modes. With Forscan you can add them back as they are on the system. If we add these does it cause and issue with the ford warranty or ESP warranty ? Thanks DR
  5. Custom fender vent emblem plaques

    will you sell this one ? cost ?
  6. Recommendation for solid lug nuts

    are the 61148BCX 1 piece ? DR
  7. Recommendation for solid lug nuts

    too many issues with the swelling of lug nuts on the factory lugs. I have has issues with f150's have bad results so I am wanting to prevent any issues.
  8. Recommendation for solid lug nuts

    Are these 1 piece so to elimate the issue of ford lugs ? Thanks for your help !
  9. Recommendation for solid lug nuts

    want to change out the 2 piece lug nuts to a 1 piece black lug on these 17 on wheels. Read so many posts but only 1 recommendation I saw was Steeda mustang lugs. Can anyone give me Ideas . Model or product link ?? Thank you
  10. Carrier communication

    mine shipped 1/7 and everyone include the dealer is saying it’s coming and the eta . Nothing else
  11. Aluminum knob covers installed

    i have a 2024 Lariet and it feels like there is something already On it . Do you just put these over the knobs ? Thanks
  12. 2024 Lariat owners ….. no switchbacks?

    Got this from Lasfit .. any one install switchbacks ?? What experience did you have ?
  13. Trade-in 2022 w/ 14k miles for 2024?

    what you may consider though is sounds like you lost 5k . You drove the truck for 2 years. So 2500 a year or 200+\- month. as an owner of a 2024 lariat everything is standard. It’s real nice. and of course Ford has had 2 years to fix many issues on a new model. Good luck !
  14. Looking for Honest Dealer in the Phoenix Area

    order 3 from 3 different dealers if they don't charge you a down payment. i don't live in phoenix anymore but I use to use Sanderson and Sunset all the time. Had issues with Bell Ford Good luck
  15. How many couldn't take it any longer and purchased from another dealer? How did that go when your ordered on showed up?

    so did you just email the dealer and said you were not taking delievery ?
  16. How many couldn't take it any longer and purchased from another dealer? How did that go when your ordered on showed up?

    Hello I have been seeing many new 2024 Mavericks show up on lots and when I look at the window sticker I see GREEN. So many are ordering and not taking delivery ? I am in this boat and the eta is pushed out again to mid Feb . Saturday I went shopping and found one on a lot selling for...
  17. Long wait in Mexico lot

    built and released on 12/23 NO RECALL on the website . Sitting I. Mexico. This is 14 day. Could have driven down and got it !
  18. Anyone have their status go from built to shipped after 12/24?

    That is awesome for you !!! Let us know if you see it moving north to the USA and then compadre to the tracker !