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  1. Purchased 3 All Weather Floor Mats. Review Inside

    I have a new set of official for sale
  2. This is TopGun, my new Maverick

    I dont have infinite time to browse all forums I like so I need to pick and choose just a few. For the most part I've been enjoying this forum since inception a while back even if admittingly I don't spend too much time on it as of late. However, like everything else in life, nothing stay...
  3. This is TopGun, my new Maverick

    " the dummy tow rings " really???
  4. Hybrid shudder recall

    My 2022 Mav has has only 600 miles but the shudder has started already in the last couple of hundred miles and It's getting stronger and more pervasive. I switch to Sport mode to prevent stopping ICE and the transition to electric mode as a workaround. It seems to prevent the issue from...
  5. Engine shaking while warming up

    Looks like Ford needs to update the ecu map for this condition. No biggie.
  6. Are the hybrids problem vehicles?

    I had three hybrids XL so far. 10XXX, 30XXX and the last one 99XXX vins. All with the same options and color. I can tell you being in a unique situation that Ford kept making incremental improvements. The last one is better in many different ways. It has less (so far none vibrations, noises...
  7. My 2022 XL with Rim/Wheel and Tire upgrades from Bronco Sport!

    How is the ride? Tpms works? How much were those?
  8. Picked up my hybrid today

    Nice touch Netflix on the tablet!
  9. New Maverick Recall: 2.5 Hybrid Engine Fire Hazard [Updated w/ Safety Recall Notice to Dealers]

    I don't authorize Ford nor any Ford dealers to remove my shutters, however they can add the holes. This is formal warning. Witnesses please like/dislike this post.
  10. Consumer Reports Talking Cars Review

    Sport mode simulates gear changing. Clueless reviewers.
  11. I've had better nights! Maverick hit @ 1K miles 😔

    Sorry to break you bad news on top of everything else but from the video which you should promptly delete from this website, there is a pretty simple explanation. Speeding!
  12. Adaptive Cruise Control on XLT Hybrid?

    Can someone let me know the harness part number to the speed sensor. I don't want to do any soldering work if possible.
  13. ECO mode not necessary for great mpg's in Hybrid Maverick

    Try slippery mode. It will be a revelation!