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  1. inside noises

    This truck has its share of in-cabin noises; rattles, buzzing etc., you name it. I accept it because this is a low-end vehicle built to less-than-stellar quality standards.
  2. What's your Maverick mileage and ownership time?

    2023 XLT EB FWD Delivered 18-March 2023 4000 miles.
  3. Steering wheel biased to the right?

    I had the same issue from the start; took it to my dealer and the alignment was biased right. Truck was realigned and tracks true now.
  4. How many miles did you have one first oil change 2.0 ecoboost?

    First change at 1K miles, will change again at 5K. Then every 5K thereafter.
  5. For those of you that have a voltage indicator plugged into cigarette port

    I too have one of those voltmeter/usb charging ports device plugged in the cig. lighter. The running voltage reading is temperature dependent, 15.1-15.2 when the ambient temp is below 45 deg. F. It will drop to 14.2 -14.6 when the temp rises above 65 F. I've seen it drop to 14.1 when the...
  6. Best mud flaps

  7. Best mud flaps

    Hands down...The Gatorbacks.
  8. What's your Maverick's name / nickname?

    Simple: The truck.
  9. Short bed hack

    That is an accident waiting to happen..
  10. Husky floor mat set $125 at real truck. Canceled got smartliners

    Agreed again, the Smartliners are an excellent choice. Very pleased with my set.
  11. Roof leak issue?

    There is about an 1/8" gaposis on mine, no leaks to date.
  12. Autostop eliminator harmful?

    I have several vehicles with ASS and I automatically disable it. Use it/don't use is entirely up to you. I think it is an annoyance, but I get the theory of saving fuel. The vehicle engineers compensate for the extra stop/start cycles by having a more robust battery and starter components.
  13. Anyone use Premium Fuel?

    I only put in Top Tier, premium fuel per the manual. Same with my other vehicles.
  14. Username Meaning ?!?!

    The B2 Combined Test Force, Air Force Flight Test Center, Edwards AFB, California was/is responsible for flight testing the engineering, manufacturing, and development aircraft on the B2 program. Whiteman AFB, Missouri is the only operational base for the bomber.
  15. Username Meaning ?!?!

    Doing flight test on the B2 was the highlight of my career in Aerospace/Defense.
  16. New Maverick XLT Missing Bed Liner

    As others have said, the DIBL was dropped from the Lux package for 2023. I checked the box under options to have it added to my build.
  17. How to add the new Firmware update to your Maverick

    Thanks to the OP for his efforts. I'm in the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" camp as well. The Mav is behaving as advertised, with no occurring issues. It is a simple machine, relatively speaking, Just an FYI, I've updated other high-end vehicles and found it would make unwanted changes...
  18. No More GE Appliances!

    I have heard of similar experiences about LG and Samshung.
  19. No More GE Appliances!

    I concur, their appliances are built-like a brick shithouse.