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  1. Event Data Recorder on Mavericks?

    Does anyone know if the Mavericks have an Event Data Recorder? I read a while back all new vehicles had to have them with new regulation laws.
  2. I'm very Trilled with new truck

    I have had it about 3 weeks and was off road yesterday for the first in the back country. The picture is the first time to the ranch. Even though I have to be very careful where I go and need to detour bad spots on two track trails it did fine. I really enjoy the MPG so far in the range of 32...
  3. How to unplug the Camera Wire/camera from Tailgate/Endgate

    At times I will need to remove my tailgate for transporting material. How do I discount the camera that is part of the tailgate??? I do know that I won't have a camera when doing this and that is No big deal.
  4. Receiver Hitch Cargo Carrier

    I didn't see anything in the search for receiver hitch carriers. Has anyone used one of these hitch carrying devises. I have some cargo I would like to haul that is about 270 lbs. worth. I would be getting one with a drop downside to load the item. Just wondering about truck driving ability...
  5. Question on anchor holes in box of bed

    So I got a box liner installed in bed and I don't want o uninstall it right now. What I am after is what is the measurement between holes of just one anchor that will bolt down box bed anchors the two on either side in front of box bed. I'm thinking about 1 1/2 inches apart. Can anyone...
  6. Power Inverter Question

    After reading through many threads on this subject here I haven't found a clear answer for my question. What I would like to know if I can use a 4000 Power Inverter that plugs into the round power source in the front center council of cab?
  7. Roof Rack for XL 2024?

    After doing the search here just can't find the answer or link to purchase two racks that will attach from door to door type roof rails. Any help on finding what I'm looking for will be very much appreciated. Thank You!!!
  8. MPG Tracker on Maverick

    So, I have about 100 miles on my truck and the MPG says 34.2 mpg. So, how do I trip that mpg number and start over for the next trip? Or do must just keep it running and than does it just average out for the tank of gas you are on. Please explain how it works with the recording of MPG...
  9. Final Preparation That is my Status

    What does Final Preparation mean. It looks to me that is has been delivered only has a date of 04/25. I'm waiting for an answer intensely!!! Is it mean what I think it means?? Thanks
  10. I just can't wait!!

    Well, it is getting closer for my delivery which says 4/21 to 5/3. I just saw a Cactus Grey come by my home and know the person that owns it. It is the only one that I know off in the small town I live it that has a Maverick. It looked beautiful!!!! I had to go to the city this last week...
  11. Financing with Ford Company

    If I financed with Ford for my new Maverick will there be a chance for a better deal on the initial price? If I did finance through them, can I pay off loan at any time? Has anyone done the numbers or know the details about a loan through Ford.
  12. Front tow hook would be nice

    One improvement I could see that I think would be a great feature is a place in frame to install at one front tow hook.
  13. My Dealership has my ordered Mav listed on their website already.

    My Mav has just got the date under the production mode of last Friday. I check the dealers website and see it has appeared on their site already. It says, Sale Pending In transit. I called and said they do that to all ordered vehicles and that my name is on that Mav and it is ours when it...
  14. Issues with Gas Tank how has it affected production?

    So, with the issues of these gas tanks is it an issue with assembling problem or an issue how these tanks were made by a vender? Install ford employee mistake or a manufacturer problem? Have they been back building the Mavericks in full production or are they waiting for tanks to replace the...
  15. In Production!!!

    I came home and checked on the Maverick that has a build date of week March 18th. I was so surprised to see it said in production. WOW!!! So, the factory doesn't work on weekends right??? Must just be gearing up for a new week starting on Monday the 18th. It said I could see the widow...
  16. Window Sticker Question

    So, I have a build date for first week of March 18th. It could be started next Monday at the soonest. Getting closer!! Lol So, when could I expect the Window Sticker to be available on the tracking site??
  17. Need clarification on bed tie downs on XL

    So, I been reading on the 6 tie downs that are standard equipment on the XL model. So, it appears that I have to buy all the D-rings and attachments to be able to use any tie downs? So, are there just holes and I have to buy the rings??? Side of box I can see that and sounds like there I...
  18. Ford Pass Reward "VISA" Question

    So, I got an email a few days ago about a VISA and first purchase I would receive 11K reward points. So, first has anyone received or have this VISA Card and is it legit? So, if it is legit can I put the whole price of new Maverick on this Card? Will I gain more points doing so?
  19. Undercoating ?

    I did do a search here, but I couldn't find much. So, has anyone had their Mav under coated and what was the cost to have it done. What is your thoughts on under coating at least the under-fender wheel wells.
  20. With Ford Pass and cell phone question

    So, I haven't got my Maverick yet but thinking about another share key to conceal on truck in case I lose or lock the key inside. I know we get two keys but I have always had one more made and place on car so I could always get access to it. My question is if I lock the key inside the XL...