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  1. Nerf Bars

    Yes, I did. Will share pictures with you when received and installed.
  2. Nerf Bars

    Go to Maverick Chat Forum for pictures of install
  3. Ford needs to step up

    I understand that the crank issue is strictly an Escape problem and FORD has identified all engines with bad cranks. NONE were installed in Mavericks and the recall fix is just a feel good for Ford and Maverick Owners. I am still going to OPT out of the recall. I still feel the holes punched in...
  4. Opting out of recall?

    Dryheat, I have no problem with what your saying. My issue is with a Company that consistantly make mistakes. Searching autoevolution news for: ford recalls - autoevolution
  5. Ford needs to step up

    You're the person that can explain the crankshaft issue. I'm very confused about the escape recall and since the Maverick uses the same 2.5l Atkinson motor, how can you install 25 bad cranks in 204 engines and only 166 were in this country. Do you see why anyone would be suspicious of Ford doing...
  6. Ford needs to step up

    The reason the Escape was out there, the lawsuits had already started, and failures were occurring all over the world. Depending on the severity of the defect, these Mavericks may get 50 to 80k miles before engines start blowing. They know what engines those cranks are in and what vehicles they...
  7. Ford needs to step up

    The Lawyers will not allow any company to admit responsibility on any issue that could possibly go to litigation.
  8. Opting out of recall?

    Wasn't that threat there 30 years ago, and FORD still sealed the engine compartment. Not one designer or engineer spoke up and said what will happen if we have a breach and oil and gas spill into the pan. Your argument is the designers and engineers are not very smart since they didn't have the...
  9. Antenna pulled out from roof of Maverick. $1500 fix quoted

    Some would just stick it back on and go through the car wash. Just kidding.
  10. Opting out of recall?

    Google airbag defects
  11. Opting out of recall?

    This is not a paint peel or dashboard melt. This is a Human peel and melt and suing FORD is exactly what will happen if a Human being is injured. Tell me how drilling holes in the pan is going to prevent a crankcase failure. This same manufacturer allowed 27 people (documented) to fry in their...
  12. Opting out of recall?

    But FORD knew it in 73 and hide the defect because management thought a redesign to expensive. Bottom line over customer safety.
  13. Hybrid Engine Fire Recall? Is this an actual fix, or a Band-Aid?

    If the manufacturer identified the problem, how did the affected crankshafts get into the parts inventory?
  14. Opting out of recall?

    Is it in violation of Federal Law to sell a vehicle with a known manufacturer defect that can kill you with shrapnel or burn you alive? What is the civil penalty for the current failure of the Escape and has FORD paid the fine? Can you say FORD PINTO?
  15. Opting out of recall?

    The recall is not for a crankshaft fix. It is for a potential fire caused by a crankshaft /engine failure. The recall should be for the crankshaft fix, the cause of the fire. Ford has refused to fix the real problem and they are still legally responsible for any adverse occurrences that occur...
  16. Very Low Speed Driving Hybrid Weirdness

    I experience all the quirky things going on with the brakes, but I had a new experience last week while driving at 55mph. I had to make a left turn at a crossover and the truck was not slowing down quick enough and I had to slide past the intersection. My wife screaming at me and I'm standing on...
  17. New Maverick Recall: 2.5 Hybrid Engine Fire Hazard [Updated w/ Safety Recall Notice to Dealers]

    I usually GUNK my engine compartment after winter to get the dirt and salt out of the compartment. The only thing I had to do was cover the alternator with a rag to keep the brushes and regulator from getting wet and shorting. Has anyone on the forum tried this on a Hybrid with hundreds of DC...
  18. New Maverick Recall: 2.5 Hybrid Engine Fire Hazard [Updated w/ Safety Recall Notice to Dealers]

    I get what they are trying to accomplish. To me that's not a very professional fix for the problem. Why not stamp out a thin aluminum pan with louvers to drain liquids and keep garbage out of the engine compartment. Why not start with the 2023 model and do it the right way? I would gladly pay...
  19. New Maverick Recall: 2.5 Hybrid Engine Fire Hazard [Updated w/ Safety Recall Notice to Dealers]

    My point. Why are we getting a recall? Can anyone point to one Maverick engine destruction due to a crankshaft failure. If they are all Escape related, why the recall? Somebody is not telling the truth about this issue.
  20. Will there realistically be any difference between 2022 and 2023 build quality?

    If it will cost FORD money, they won't do anything. Fatal Ford Pinto crash in Indiana - HISTORY