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  1. Cupholder Love from Ford

    As thanks for having my recent vehicle recall work completed, Ford Motors sent me some extra cupholder love. Thanks, bro.
  2. Airbag Recall Work Completed by Ford Mobile Service

    My Maverick had the recall notice to replace the side-curtain airbags. When I called to schedule an appointment, Ford recommended using their mobile service to perform the work. I decided to give them a try and I was glad I did. It was super convenient and the technicians who performed the work...
  3. Ford Maverick Hybrid Among Top 10 Most Satisfying Vehicles -- #3 Overall

    I feel satisfied. https://fordauthority.com/2022/12/ford-maverick-hybrid-among-top-10-most-satisfying-vehicles/ ... the 2023 Maverick was also recently added to Consumer Reports‘ list of recommended vehicles. Now, that same consumer organization has named the Ford Maverick Hybrid as one of the...
  4. Saw A Maverick In An Unusual Place

    So I was watching a YouTube video about an Amtrak train voyage and as the train was rolling into Tampa the camera showed vehicles stopped at a railroad crossing. At the front of the line was a Ford Maverick. I had to rewind to be sure but yeah, cyber orange. Pretty cool.
  5. FordPass Benefit Email

    I received an email from Ford to let me know that FordPass members can have courtesy pick-up & return of their Ford Maverick during scheduled service at Ford Dealerships. Sounds like a win for Maverick/FordPass!
  6. I'll never tire of seeing my Ford Maverick sip fuel

    I never get tired of seeing how my Ford Maverick sips fuel. I could make the drive to the store and back 16 times on a single gallon of gas. ⛽ What a cool pickup truck!
  7. Custom Bike Carrier

    Check out my custom bike carrier configuration. I really went all-in but it was worth it!
  8. My Ford Maverick 1 Week Review

    I picked up my Maverick one day shy of a week ago and thought I would offer a brief review. I owned a 2009 Ford Escape Hybrid in the past that I had ordered direct from Ford so have previous hybrid experience. Of course the wait this time was excruciating compared the 2009 when I had the order...
  9. I picked up my Maverick today!

    Received my Maverick today. It's just right.