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  1. What is best for beach driving - FX4 or Tremor?

    Yeah but Whitecap you can go in a Hybrid, or FWD. I drove out in my previous FWD Toyota Matrix about once a week, and I took my base XL AWD out there a handful of times too. Only taken my Hybrid once, still letting it be a pavement princess / hardware store hauler.
  2. If Jeep Folks Use Rubber Ducks for Spotting Others In The Wild, What Would a Maverick Owner Use

    If anything, I would vote for something like this. Maybe a differentiator on one side, like remove before flight in different colors
  3. Siri Shortcuts for Start / Stop / Unlock / Lock & More Commands Work!

    I installed these shortly after getting my 22, and complained to Ford development via the App Store last time it was broken. They should just allow an API for easy shortcuts, but either way it works great when it works. Happy there are people smarter than me that figure out a fix whenever Ford...
  4. RIVAL Aluminum Skid Plate Ford Maverick (non-Tremor)

    Very interested in this, to avoid removing the stock cover on my Hybrid. What is the coverage like vs the stock fiber/fabric one ? Less worried about offroad stuff, more about easy access to oil changes and maintaining the splash/debris protection underneath. Apologies if I missed a comparison...
  5. Ceramic clear film on windshield question

    So much this. I am into my 2nd year of ownership, and already had the windshield replaced once. First chip was under 1000 miles, RIGHT in the drivers sight line, and the fill was awful but in spec. Didn't even make it another 1k after my replacement before I got some small rock chips. Only 6k on...
  6. Maverick Gas

    I 100% believe there are better gas options. https://www.toptiergas.com/ There are plenty of National Brand gas stations ( like Murphys, Sheetz, WaWa ) that are not top tier.
  7. Windshield Cracked

    If you have Progressive in Texas, they just added an option last fall for 0$ glass deductible. Had to raise my deductible from $250 to $500 for comprehensive, but worth it. I looked at PPF for windshields, but eventually that will look like crap and need replaced, I would rather just let...
  8. Wireless CarPlay adapter compatible with Ford pass ap

    Short answer : yes you can have a Wireless CarPlay adapter and retain all FordPass app features. getting a wireless CarPlay adapter and using the FordPass app are not interconnected. Pick one up, having wireless CarPlay is great. Long Answer: the FordPass app is not using Bluetooth in any...
  9. Removing the Under Chassis Skirting

    2 kinds. I bought a cheap kit from Ali or Temu, has a match to the smaller one but not larger. 2 original ones are pictured side by side.
  10. Cheap DIY Daytime Running Lights $14.00 Pretty Impressive for The Price

    Exactly why I made sure all my lighting is easy to unplug, cost me probably 3x what it would if I was willing to tap wires.
  11. Cheap DIY Daytime Running Lights $14.00 Pretty Impressive for The Price

    Finished my install today ( short of either resoldering or adding gel boxes over a few temporary uncovered Wagos). Same as my previous post, LED strip on the hoot with sequential + both running board LED strips with sequential. The only thing I was missing was the white courtesy lighting on...
  12. Cheap DIY Daytime Running Lights $14.00 Pretty Impressive for The Price

    I need to clean it up, looks rough right now. I zip tied it near the hinge for the hood. Probably gonna end up cutting everything to be more exactly the length and re-terminate.
  13. Texas dealers with no DAOs?

    Sewell in Odessa is 10/10.
  14. Cheap DIY Daytime Running Lights $14.00 Pretty Impressive for The Price

    Fuse tap under the dash. Ran a wire, poked a tiny hole in a grommet in the firewall. Gets it to turn on when the tricks turned on. Originally I had tapped the side markers when I only had the single LED strip and not the running board ones, power draw was too much to run all of those. I may go...
  15. DIY Oil Change

    I switched to a Valvomax drain. Hopefully makes future changes easier. Never changed a washer/ gasket on my last vehicle and I had over 200k on it.
  16. LED lights installed along hood/grille

    I understand the mindset, hence why all my audio is stock haha. I'm a heathen bachelor that works from home with a solid income, makes things a bit easier. ( and for me at least, of course the hood strip was unnecessary , but I REALLY like the running board ambers, as they make me more...
  17. LED lights installed along hood/grille

    Where I am at in Texas there are tons of trucks with all kinds of external / underbody / non OEM lighting, so the risk of getting pulled over for an officer that doesn't know the law is low. If that makes someone uncomfortable they can just skip the mod, but I refuse to not do something I want...
  18. LED lights installed along hood/grille

    Not as far as I could tell when I was adding LEDS to mine. Code specifically states red only on the rear unless a signal, then it can be amber or yellow, no red on the front period, and no flashing/alternating/etc red white or blue at all. I spent time because I added the sequential turn...
  19. LED lights installed along hood/grille

    not in Texas, red is the only no no for solid colors from the front. Blue is fine as long as it’s solid/not alternating.