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  1. Does Illinois Farm Bureau membership auto-renew?

    I joined in January 2023 and I got the $500 rebate. Kind of odd that I have not heard from them about renewal.
  2. Consumer Reports Survey?

    What time of year does Consumer Reports send out their new car survey to subscribers? I’d like to fill out the survey for my Maverick, will they send out the survey before my subscription ends in January?
  3. 2 Weeks, 75 Miles, First Impressions and Some Tips

    2023 Maverick XL Hybrid. Stand alone hitch with no other options. The too long don’t wanna read version is this: I am very happy with it so far. Zero buyer’s remorse, this Maverick is a smoking hot value, and it was worth the almost 10 month wait. Part One. Driving impressions: A stiffer ride...
  4. Carvana Price Spread?

    By price spread I mean how much they pay to aquire a Maverick versus their asking price when they put it up for sale. I’m not considering selling my Maverick, but I am curious about Carvana. For example, I see that they have a zero options 2023 XL Hybrid with 184 miles and an asking price of...
  5. $500 Farm Bureau Cash Reward Rebate – My Experience

    I’ve seen some threads here that my circumstances would apply to many people here. Hopefully this may be helpful information. The circumstances: I ordered a Maverick in 2022, with price protection, but I was not a Farm Bureau member in 2022. I joined Farm Bureau in 2023, at least 30 days prior...
  6. Wait for a post purchase refund check for price protection?

    Yesterday I brought home my Maverick. The finance guy said I do have price protection, but he wouldn’t give me the $500 off the purchase price. Instead, he says I will get a check from Ford in 90 days. Is the price protection commonly done this way?
  7. “Final Preparation” pizza tracker accuracy?

    My Maverick has been setting in the destination rail yard for nine days, waiting for the final 30 mile transport to the dealer. Does anyone know if the “Final Preparation” on the Ford order tracking page reliably updates the same or at least the next day after the dealer signs for the delivery?
  8. Line-X application video

    Here’s a Motor Trend article (almost an ad, really) about Line-X. A few things I’d never heard about Line-X: The pump and sprayer that they use heats the Part A and Part B components to 165F at 2,100 PSI. When sprayed on, the liner hardens in a few seconds. There are photos and videos of the...
  9. How much have you spent on accessories for your Maverick?

    How much have you spent on accessories for your Maverick? Did you buy accessories before it arrived, or even before it was picked for production? Right after I got the lucky scheduled for production email, I bought a few accessories for my XL. It adds up quick and almost before I knew it I was...
  10. SVT People?

    My Maverick has recently shipped and I’d like to track the rail car and of course to do that I’ll need the rail car number. From the sticky thread “Maverick Build & Tracking Links” it mentions that “You MAY be able to get it from the SVT people but they seem often in a cranky mood and may tell...
  11. Anyone recently financed through Ford?

    My Maverick should arrive by the end of July, so it is just a little early to actually apply for a loan. I’ve done a web search, and poked around on the Ford fiance site, but I can’t find their actual best rate for Maverick financing. Incentive rates for other models and leasing rates are all...
  12. Rivian R1T Fender Bender Turns Into $42,000 Repair Bill

  13. Are required deposits more common now?

    Two local Ford dealers I have recently asked about a 2023 Maverick both want a deposit. One wants $1,000 and the other $500. They both mentioned the new rule that Ford has imposed on them about the person purchasing the vehicle must match the name on the order. Are others here seeing the same...
  14. Quicker delivery through high volume dealer?

    I’ve decided to take the plunge and order a 2023 Maverick XT hybrid when orders open in September. I’ve done a few evenings of reading on this forum, but I still have a few questions. Would I be likely to get my Maverick quicker if I order through a high volume dealer? Or do allotments only...