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  1. JBnorthTX

    DFW, Texas Mavericks

    The meet is less than a month away!
  2. JBnorthTX

    DFW, Texas Mavericks

    I like the orange color scheme better, too. The tan color of the Maverick looks good but something like Cactus Gray on the truck would look even better. :)
  3. JBnorthTX

    DFW, Texas Mavericks

    Just now saw your follow up comments on the screenshot I posted. Sorry, for some reason I stopped getting MTC notifications. Glad you got it to work with a desktop. I'm not familiar with using iPads.
  4. JBnorthTX

    DFW, Texas Mavericks

    @SloopJB I replied in a separate post.
  5. JBnorthTX

    DFW, Texas Mavericks

    @SloopJB To post a pic touch the pic symbol circled in red in this screenshot. A window will pop up that says "drop image." Touch that and you will be able to select a picture that's on your phone.
  6. JBnorthTX

    DFW, Texas Mavericks

    Finally seeing more Mavericks around DFW. This was at a Lowes in Frisco. Of course I had to park there, lol.
  7. Got recalls done and now my Hybrid Mav is full of problems.

    The dealer did the 2 recalls on my '22 hybrid a week ago. The only change I've noticed so far is a little better gas mileage. After reading this thread all I can say is I hope I don't regret getting those recalls done.
  8. So we aren’t getting the recalls done?

    My '22 hybrid is going in for the emission control and turn signal outage detection recalls tomorrow. It's time for an oil change, anyway. Fingers crossed. At the last oil change it had the side airbag recall and the grabby brake TSP done with no issues. I'll be caught up except for the "engine...
  9. JBnorthTX

    DFW, Texas Mavericks

    I've had a few people ask about when the next meet will be, so it's now scheduled for Saturday, June 8, 2024.
  10. JBnorthTX

    DFW, Texas Mavericks

    Meet up with fellow Maverick owners in the parking lot and go in together to eat at 11:00 am.
  11. JBnorthTX

    June '24 Meet at Sickies Garage

    Meet up with fellow Maverick owners in the parking lot and go in together to eat at 11:00 am.
  12. DFW Mavericks Meet 3/2/24

    Sorry about that. I even posted some reminders as the date got closer.
  13. DFW Mavericks Meet 3/2/24

    I agree about car enthusiasts in DFW. I got the idea of setting up these meets from my Mustang group.
  14. DFW Mavericks Meet 3/2/24

    I know you meant Cactus Gray. It's hard to say. The numbers that show up to the meets are still small sample sizes and we've had other meets where Area 51 was the most prevalent color. A couple pics from last year.
  15. DFW Mavericks Meet 3/2/24

    That's quite a long way. Where do you live?
  16. DFW Mavericks Meet 3/2/24

    Next time!
  17. DFW Mavericks Meet 3/2/24

    Some pics from today's DFW Mavericks group meet at Sickies Garage in Irving, TX. We had great weather for it!
  18. JBnorthTX

    DFW, Texas Mavericks

    Thanks to everyone who came out to the meet today! We had a nice turnout and great weather!
  19. JBnorthTX

    DFW, Texas Mavericks

    This event shows only 4 participating, but we've got another 8 trucks minimum coming from the FaceBook group so the turnout should be pretty good!