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    I've been accumulating info from multiple posts/threads in regards to the disturbing trend of Mavericks that start, run great, look great and have thick paint. I'm very concerned!!!! My local dealer is puny, so if this ever happens to me, the odds of my dealer having already seen another...
  2. A legit Florida dealer to order your 2023 Hybrid from

    I bought my 2022 Hybrid from Mullinax Ford in Vero Beach. Ordered in June, delivered in January. They are a medium sized dealer, but part of a larger dealer group. I thought they were real decent to deal with. They charge no dealer fees. The do charge like $300ish for admin fee or something. I...
  3. Black XLT 2.0 for sale at Mullinax, Vero Beach

    My salesperson just called to tell me about a new Maverick they have available today. It's a Black XLT 2.0 AWD. They're asking $5000 over. I'd guess they'd take $2500 over. They have no dealer fees if that helps.
  4. Anyone actually sold their Maverick?

    I see a lot of people on here who are planning to (or hoping to) sell their Maverick for above MSRP. Has anyone actually done this? Tell us about it. Out of curiosity, I submitted quote requests last month to Carvana and somewhere else I can't remember. Response in both cases was "We are...
  5. XL Hybrid delivered to dealer, here's my timeline.

    XL with Co-Pilot 360 Order Confirmed 6/16 In Production 10/18 Built 12/15 Delivered to Dealer 1/15
  6. In production 10/18, built 12/15. So you know it's right!

    Ford definitely went thru my Hybrid with a fine tooth comb. Sixty days to get it purrr-fect.